Get to know Summer Rosson


I was born and raised here in Florida, graduated in 2015 from William R. Boone Highschool. I played all four years in our marching band (SOTB) and enjoyed every minute of it and now I'm a member of the 2015 Marching Knights. Aside from that I am an artist and I'd like to, hopefully, one day work on animated movies with maybe Pixar or Tim Burton. That would be my dream job. With that said I plan to major in physics and character animation because who doesn't want to kill themselves with work? Kidding, I actually just really enjoy physics, too.

I joined the Excel program because I was curious about it and thought it would help me get my Physics degree, which it probably will. I hope that this program will give me a good network of people that I can get help from to decide exactly what I want to do with my Physics major and how to do what I need to to finish on time, while also finishing my art degree.

Ok, well I suppose we can talk about my personal life a bit. I am really into cosplaying and anime, yes nerdy stuff, and I like going to conventions with my friends and we usually all dress as characters from the same show for certain days. In the past we've tried making a panel but so far that hasn't worked out. Shame. My girlfriend and I also have come up with some couple cosplays to do in the future. (Just a tidbit of information it's not really necessary but for whoever reads this, she is the most beautiful person I have ever met. Okay, carry on.). I went to Europe over the summer for a couple weeks and it was very interesting. We went through Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England, and Paris. I have to say I didn't really fancy Paris, I enjoyed Ireland and England more. What else to say, well, at the start of my Junior year I fell off a horse and broke my back. That was fun. And at home we have a dog and eight cats, but one lives outside.

Below I'll add some of my art and cosplay pictures that I like.

If you'd like to see more cosplay or art you can go to my Deviantart account which I will link below vvv and If you want friend me on facebook (Ciel Phucterhive) go ahead. That's it for me.