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The Beatles Biography

Forming the Beatles

The beginning started to shape in Liverpool, England, 1957, when a 17 year old John Lennon formed a skiffle group with some friends called the Quarry Men. They played folk, country, and rock, some of the frequently changing members playing real instruments and others playing things like washboards. On July, 6th, after a concert in a garden fete of St. Peter's Church in Woolton, Liverpool, John met a 15 year old Paul McCartney, who was playing his guitar backstage, John was impressed by Paul's skills and asked him if he'd like to join the group, Paul said yes the next day. George Harrison joined they group after being introduced to John through Paul.

John and Paul became close after John's mother died the next year, as Paul could relate since his mother died when he was only 14. Their personalities and upbringing's were totally different, Paul being polite and diplomatic while John's mood switched from one extreme to another, yet they still developed a close friendship due to their shared experience of loss and passion for music.

They continues to preform under the name the Quarry Men for two more years until John's friend from art school, Stuart Sutcliffe, joined on bass guitar. The boys had changed their name several times, from the Beatals, Silver Beats, and the Beetles. Later that year, Pete Best joined the group as the drummer. the band traveled to Germany and played over 100 concerts before returning to Liverpool and playing at Caver Club, where they became regular performers.

They were inspired by black R&B and Motown music, Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Gene Vincent, and Fats Domino (to name a few). Even in their pre-fame days the boys stood out from the other contemporary bands because of their scruffy look and energetic performances. they were discovered by Brian Epstein during a lunchtime performance at Cavern Club and he soon after became their manager. After many auditions, Epstein contacted George Martin, who was the head of Parlophone, a part of EMI Records, who would later play a key role and have a huge influence on the Beatles.

On April 10, 1962, Stuart died of a brain hemorrhage while in Germany with his girlfriend. Soon after, Martin decided to give the boys a chance and they signed with EMI. However, Martin wasn't impressed my Pete's drumming skills, so they had to let him g. In august they recruited a new drummer, Richard Starkey, AKA Ringo STARR.


It didn't take long before the Beatles sensation spread to millions of young people from Europe to America. Their music and movies were big hits and they were met with screaming fans at every airport and concert. They were just what was needed during dull, post-war times.

Around 1965 the Beatles began changing from their clean-cut boy band style to something more odd and flamboyant. By the end of 1966 they changed from their original style completely, ditching their sharp suits for a more spiritual, free love style.

The 'flower power' spread fast, the younger generation wanting to change the world from its materialistic harshness and war to peace and harmony.

In 1971, the band played the 'The White Album' on the rooftop of Abbey Rd studios as a farewell to the world from the Beatles, as they had all begun to develop different interests, found partners, and were at the point where they had to move on. The 'White Album', written after the bands trip to the Himalayas, where they were introduced to the meditation style and philosophies of the Maharishi, became an emotional legacy to the world.

Paul McCartney met and married, Linda Eastman, later forming 'Wings'. John Lennon met and married Yoko Ono and continued producing music until he was shot and killed in 1980. George Harrison moved onto spiritual planes and spearheaded a dynamic film company 'Handmade Films'. He later died of Lung Cancer in 2001. Ringo Starr married model and 'Bond girl' Barbara Bach and proved that, not only could he play drums brilliantly, but also act. Even after breaking up, the Beatles music was, and still is selling millions of singles, more then when they were together.

The Beatles remain a significant part of pop culture and a great influence on music and the world.


The Beatles had one of the greatest influences on music, fashion, culture, and society in general. The Beatles revolutionized the music industry and touched the lives of all who heard them.

They brought out the energy of youth across the world and bestowed self-identity to a young, music-based culture.

The Beatles were a huge hit in both Britain and America, dominating the charts by creating 3 more #1 singles than even Elvis Presley, the 'King of Rock'. They set a standard for popular music, brought an immense amount of popularity to rock and roll, and even changed the meaning of the genre for many people. The band continues to inspire the public, influence musicians, and sell millions of albums.

The Beatles also influenced fashion, to the extent where their outfits were being copied by boutiques and other clothing stores. They started with a scruffy 'greaser' look, but after being signed, ditched their leather jackets and hair gel for matching, nice, custom-tailored suits. Towards the end of the band's days, they had a very psychedelic, hippie style. Whatever the Beatles wore, the public wanted too.

The Beatles, overall, had a great influence on society and culture. They also had a big part in the 'hippie' peace movement. By having such a huge impact in music and fashion, they influenced society as a whole.

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