The start

My first

My parents were always hunting at the ranch, but I never saw the fun in it. One day, my dad took me to go hunting. I was not very happy at first, but then I found out it was for me to shoot my first deer. That evening changed my whole perspective on going to the ranch.

An amazingly awesome buck.

Getting it

My first deer was a doe, and it was pretty close to me. After sitting in a blind for 2 hours seeing no action, we lost all hope. on the way back, that doe walked right up next to us. It was behine a tree, so it was tricky.

The Best Of My Work

The best deer I shot was an old 12 point buck. My dad and I were on one side of a 200x200 yard field, and the deer was on the complete other side of the field. I shot in right in its heart. to this day I have no idea how I did that.


Today, we are not as available as we were years ago. We do not have as many chances to go to the ranch as we did. I wish, that one day, I could live on that ranch and sell the crops for ammo and other supplies, just for fun.