John Wilkes Booth

Tyjah S. Nabizhan Z. Jayla H.

"All he knew this morning when he crawled out of bed was that he could not stand another day of union victory celebrations."

The quote indirect characterization and shows that John is depressed/discouraged. John's thoughts shows that he is depressed about the unions victory.

John Wilkes booth

"Actor described his eyes as being like living jewels."

Booths looks shows that he is vibrant and energetic as the actor describes him. This quote was indirect characterization.

"Booth knew that his first shot would be his last."

In this example of indirect characterization Booth is cocky. This character trait is revealed through Booth thoughts.

"If he missed or failed to kill the president, he would turn to his backup...."

This is an indirect characterization. Through Booths thoughts and action he characterizes him as being determined.

My Prediction

Based on Booth's determination we think that Booth will end up killing Lincoln and then someone will end up killing him. I think this because he is cocky meaning he might have been practicing shooting, because in the story he said he would kill him with one shot. If he doesn't kill him he will have a plan b. we think he that someone will kill him because Lincoln were peoples hero and also because no one ever got away with killing the president.