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You are invited to a talk sponsored by the Economics Department and the Division of Social Sciences titled "The Fish Stinks from the Head - A Call to Virtuous Leadership". Corporate scandals are all around us and often it can seem that many business leaders have lost their moral compass. Mr. Belton, the CEO and Founder of Zeogas will speak on how business people can run profitable companies and at the same time set a moral tone and example that people will follow.

If you can bring your students to this event I would very much appreciate it. I am confident your students will gain immeasurable benefit. Light snacks and refreshments are available. If you and your students can make it please provide your name and email address below to RSVP. Thanks for your consideration and have a great weekend!

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Richard Gosselin


Economics Department

Houston Community College

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The Fish Stinks from the Head - A Call to Virtuous Leadership

Wednesday, Nov. 18th, 11:30am-1pm

10041 Cash Road

Stafford, TX

Stafford Campus - Room W-102

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