Make Monday Matter

February 15, 2016


"When our LITTLE people are overwhelmed by BIG emotions it's our job to share our calm, not join their chaos".

L.R. Knost

Pre K & Headstart

There will be no library for Pre K nor Headstart on Wednesday, February 17.

(due to the POD)


CogAT Testing continues for 1st graders; therefore, there will be no announcements again this week. Please take the time to say the pledges and pause for a moment of silence during your morning routine.

PDAS Self Reports

If you have not completed your PDAS Self Reports II & III please have those completed by this Friday, February 19.


See the BRAG below, from Mrs. Gleghorn

"I would like to share with you how awesome Ms. Zackery is. She is always willing to share classroom, class activities, and class materials. Whenever I need to consult with her she always makes time for me or other resource staff members. She is always working on developing the whole child by reinforcing good character development, as well as encouraging every child to do his/her best!"



Look in your box for fundraiser information from PTA to go home with your students.


There will be notes (A Press Release) in your box regarding the POD that will take place Wednesday. Please be sure these go home today.

Texas Public School Week

Texas Public School Week will be February 29-March 3.

Our school board will be having breakfast on our campus Monday, February 29.

We will celebrate Texas Day on March 2 & 3 (more information to come from your lead teachers)

If you plan to make stick horses you may stop by Rosemary's office and pick up your sticks.

Lead Teachers

There will be NO faculty meeting this week, but I would like to meet with lead teachers tomorrow after school.