Start of School for 9th graders

August 7, 2020

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Parent Information Night

9th grade students and parents will have an opportunity to hear opening of school information and ask questions on Thursday, August 13. WNHS will host a Facebook Live session at 6:30 PM until 7:30 PM for all our 9th grade families.

The link is:

Please join us and get the answers to many of your questions.

Facebook Live 9th Grade Virtual Open House

Thursday, Aug. 13th, 6:30-7:30pm

This is an online event.

Get the answers to all those questions and hear about how school will start this year. Please call 815-334-2100 if you have questions before this event.

Materials Pick Up for 9th graders.

Thursday, August 13, all incoming 9th grade students need to pick up their materials for the 2020-21 school year. 9th grade students must come between 8 AM and 12 PM. If students cannot come during that time, we will need to reschedule them for a make up day after the first day of class. Students will receive:

  • Essential text books
  • Temporary ID cards
  • Student whiteboard and marker to use during on line classes
  • 8th grade promotion certificates
  • 8th grade yearbooks
  • Art supplies if they are enrolled in an Art Class
  • Tech supplies depending on the course they are enrolled in
  • New Dell Computers for High School.

9th grade students MUST BRING IN THEIR OLD CHROMEBOOKS from NWMS so that they can receive their new device. They should return the device, the charger, and the bag that they have. Students may be billed for this device if it is not returned.

What school supplies do we need to purchase?

High School teachers seldom compile a "supply list" because the supplies needed are so specific to the course and the teacher. Students will be advised what they need to purchase during their first online class.

Generally, students just need paper to write on and pencils and pens. After that, each teacher will personalize what they need for the class.

The one item that students will eventually need is a TI 84 or 84+ Graphing Calculator. While this is an expensive item, students will need it throughout their 4 years of high school. Additionally, students are able to use this calculator on the SAT test and they need to be comfortable with how to use it. Students who wait until their 11th grade year to begin using this calculator may feel that they are not as accomplished as others in how to use this calculator. Chromebooks do have a graphing calculator as part of their software package, but currently, students are not able to access this on line calculator during the high stakes test.

Important People to Contact If You have Questions:

Counselor and Social Worker contact information is as follows:

Telander, Jessica, 815-334-2115, Students with last name A-F

Kohl, John, 815-334-2110, Students with last name P-Z

Rohrbach, Elizabeth, 815-334-2112, Students with last name G-O.

Terry, Lisa, Social Worker, 815-334-2119

Meschini, Connee, School Assistance Counselor, 815-334-2109 (Tues, Thurs, & alternating Fridays)

Butenschoen, Jeni, School Nurse, 815-334-2122

Harmer, Amanda, Career Facilitator 815-334-2432

Rokosik, Jill, Attendance Liaison 815-334-2436 (Tues, Thurs, & alternating Fridays)

You can also now book a virtual appointment directly with your counselor at:

Meet Our New Counselor!

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Rohrbach, I graduated from Roosevelt University; May, 2020. I completed my School Counseling Internship at Grant Community High School. This is my first year as a School Counselor and I am very excited to be a part of Woodstock North HS. I look forward to this school year and getting to meet all of you.

(Special Note: Elizabeth is fluent in both English and Spanish!) WELCOME TO OUR THUNDER FAMILY!

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First Day of School: How to access your classes