The Prophet of Yonwood

Book By Jeanne Duprau

By Riley Billiot 289 pages

                             Yonwood, North Carolina thinks the world might                                                           be coming to an end! Will Nickie be able to save it?


       The Prophet of Yonwood evolves around young little Nickie who is traveling to Yonwood, North carolina with her aunt. She has three goals. One, to keep her grandfathers old and beautiful house called Greenhaven. Two, to fall in love with the one that is right for her. Three, to find a way to help the world in a wonderful way. She goes into Yonwwod with her hopes high that she will be able to complete each goal. When a citizen named Althea Tower has a vision of the firey destruction of Earth, she sees her chance. howerever Nickie relizes that it might not be that easy. Especialy when everyone is obeying Brenda Beeson.


Just like Nickie, we have all made goals. However, those goals might seem impossible from time to time. That does not give you the right to give up. You must keep trying and looking for opportunities to complete them just like Nickie did. If you stop pushing your self, then all the hard work you spent trying trying finish them will be wasted. But, if you keep going and never give up, you will be just like Nickie and be done with the goals no matter how long it takes!