By: Shelby von Rentzell

Who are the Syrian Refugees?

The refugees are citizens of the country. Around 4.1 million Syrians are leaving Syria because of a brutal civil war that has been going on for the last 4 years. They are moving into other countries and those other countries are becoming overpopulated. They age anywhere from children to adults that are fleeing Syria. They believe they need a better life and don’t want to be killed because of this brutal civil war. Syria's official language is Arabic along with a little bit of French and English. Most of there religion is Muslims with 87%. The average age for a Syria citizen is 23 years old. 90.3% people in Ireland are apart of the Arab ethnic group.

Ireland Demographics

Ireland is a country off the boarder of Great Britain. It is the second largest island in all of the British Isles.
  • Average age of a Ireland citizen: 36 years old
  • Population Density of Ireland: .67 people/per square mile
  • Current population as of mid 2015: 4.6 million
0-14 years old: 21.5% (roughly 535,000+ males and roughly 510,000+ females

15-24 years old: 11.84% (roughly 290,000+ males and roughly 280,000+ females

25-54 years old: 43.82% (roughly a million males and females)

55-64 years old: 10.23% (roughly 250,000+ males and 249,000+ females)

65+ years old: 12.61% (roughly 280,000+ males and 330,000+ females)

  • Size: 70,273 square kilometers
  • Compared: slightly larger than West Virginia
  • Official Language: English or Irish
  • Religion: 84.7% Roman Catholic, 2.7% Church of Ireland, 1.1% Muslim, etc.


Ireland Jobs

In Ireland Agriculture is a big job along with chemical, food products, medical devices, brewing, and pharmaceuticals plants. School life expectancy is 19 years for males and 18 years for females. Unemployment is 36.4% for males and 24% for females but all combined rates for both as of 2014 is 11.3%. GDP in purchasing power is 226.8 billion as of 2014, GDP in exchange rate is $246.4 billion as of 2014, etc. The GDP per capita is 40,820 as of 2015.


Refugees from Syria to Ireland?

Syria refugees could come and live in Ireland if they take a flight, railroad, or boat. Flights are currently unavailable so they would have to go by railroad or by boat. Ireland is 56 hours away from Syria so it would be an extremely long trip no matter what. Once flights open up Syrians could come to any of the 24 airports in Ireland and live there. It's not impossible but it might be difficult to get Syrian refugees here. I believe that maybe 100,000 people could make it here before it gets over populated.