Anti-bullying Week

Headteacher Newsletter - Tuesday 23rd November 2021

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It's been a heartfelt week with Anti-bullying featuring strongly; anti-bullying is so much more than a week's worth of learning - it is about the everyday culture and ethos shared amongst us all. Being a 'Kind Communicator' is one of our 3 behaviour for learning pillars.

For your reference, I have added the current Anti-bullying Policy as a link - for your ease, I have also copied and pasted the 'Parents' Guide for Dealing with Bullying' as per Appendix 2 of the policy.

Have a great week!

Mr. Francksen

Appendix 2: Parents’ Guide for Dealing with Bullying

The first recommended step is to try to get your child to open up about what's happening in their life by showing them that you understand, and won’t judge them.


Encourage your child to tell you the whole story. Listen calmly and without interrupting, and reassure them that they've done the right thing by speaking up. Your child may need to tell the story more than once.


Have a conversation about what happened. Try not to let your ‘very understandable’ emotions (anger, distress...) show. Your feelings can intensify the child's or make it worse for them and might even deter your child from talking to you another time. Remind your child that bullying is never OK and that whatever they are feeling – e.g. hurt, scared, sad, angry – is understandable and normal.

Ask your child what they would like to happen. Often all they want to know is how to stop the bullying. Children may feel that if the perpetrator is punished, it will be worse for them in the long run.

Find out what is happening

Note what, when, and where the bullying occurred, who was involved, how often, and if anybody else witnessed it. Don't offer to confront the young person or their parents yourself. This might make things worse for your child.

Contact the school

Bullying arises from social situations - family, school, clubs, and work - and if possible, cases of bullying are best dealt with where they occur. In children's lives, school is the most common location for bullying.

Don't assume the school will know about the situation, because your child may not have told them. The majority of children do not disclose to teachers or parents. The school is keen to prevent and stop bullying behaviour.

  1. Make an appointment to speak to your child's teacher
  2. Check your school's anti-bullying policy
  3. It's often difficult to remember specific details so take along your notes about the situation so you can inform the school of the specific incidents and when they happened
  4. If the incident involved cyberbullying and you have copies of texts or screenshots offer these to the Headteacher explaining what they show before sharing these (please do not share any inappropriate images with school staff)
  5. Find out if the school is aware of the bullying
  6. Ask what the school will do to ensure your child's safety and support your child with their concerns
  7. If your child asks to stay home from school, explain it won't help - and may make things worse

Haughley Church Christingle

Haughley Church would love you to come to our "Christingle" service on Sunday, 5th December at 4:00.

Christingle is a service in which children are given an orange decorated with a candle and sweets.

Listening to the children singing "Away in a Manger" in the dimmed candlelight is an experience not to be missed!

Hope to see you there,
Josephine Gibson (churchwarden) and Pip Jackson (churchwarden and elder)

Christmas Lunch & Christmas Jumper Day

Christmas Jumper Day is back! We will hold ours on Thursday 9th December so please wear a festive top with your usual school uniform. Please do not feel that you should buy a new Christmas jumper - we encourage you to make your own festive top, buy second hand or swap with a friend.

We will also have our staff and pupil Christmas Lunch on Thursday 9th December. We will cater for ALL children having the hot meal UNLESS we hear differently from you.

So, if you pay for meals, you will be charged for lunch that day.

The menu is a traditional turkey roast dinner, with a vegetable roulade for vegetarians. Pudding is an ice cream tub - either chocolate & vanilla, or strawberry & vanilla.

Please contact Mrs. Barber or Mrs. Smith in the office ( by Monday 29th November if you would like to opt-out and will provide a home-packed lunch for your child.

Thank you in advance.

Covid Schools' Plan for Suffolk & updated guidance for households with a positive test result

This week we shared with you the latest version of our Covid Risk Assessment, which has been updated following the issuing of Suffolk Public Health's framework for managing COVID-19 in schools and early years settings across Suffolk. This has been developed by Public Health and Children’s and Young People’s Services in consultation with Education Sector Leads.

The guidance now helps us as school leaders decide which Level our school is at - Crawford's is at Level 1. It also gives control measures advised for each setting type at each level.

The main change that is important for parents/carers to be aware of is the control measure when there is a positive case in a Level 1 school:

“Daily LFD testing of vaccinated staff and primary aged pupils (at parental discretion) who are household and close contact of cases - ask staff and pupils to continue to attend the setting, undertake a daily LFD test, and take a PCR test on day 5 from first contact with the symptomatic positive case. Settings are encouraged to ask for evidence of test results.”

Suffolk Public Health has further clarified to us this week that, "Where daily testing is required for close contacts, there is no expectation or requirement for schools to provide pupils with LFD tests. Please encourage parents/carers or older pupils to obtain these from their local pharmacy or order them online through the NHS website. More information can be found Latest guidance COVID-19 | Suffolk County Council."

Calendar Dates

Tuesday 7th December
- Christingle
Thursday 9th December

- Christmas Jumper & Dinner Day

Friday 10th December

- Quidditch Enrichment Day

Friday 17th December

- Last Day of Term