Budgeting My Money

By-Jeffiny Mathew

My city/My job.Even food/household items

My city is LA Los angles and My occupation is a Critical Care Doctor.I get payed monthly 18,733.My cost of living is 18,000.My food Expenses are basically 130 Dollars.For my household is 90 dollars.

My Car Expenses/Car Gas Bill/internet

My car is a Yukon Denali and it cost 145.198.My car gas bill is 130 dollars.I like my care because it has some good seat that is comfy for me.Even it has Three rows of seats.So if my friends want to sit they can.My Internet is att plan.

These are some parts of the Yukon Denali/phone

My cell phone Expenses is about 90 dollars.And my electricity/heat expenses is about 100 dollars

Clothing Expenses/Entertainment Expenses/Miscellaneouse

My clothing Expenses are 70 because i don't go shopping that much and my Entertainment is about 50 dollars because i am going to go to a lot of dinners and movies with my friends.Know for miscellaneous Maybe i needed a haircut or probably an oil change and or i was sick i have to pay for my own insurance.And i am going to get a dog it is a boxer and its name is pipper

My la Armament/My savings

how much money do i have in my savings? well i have 15997.802 dollars
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