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The Ruskin Radical Research Unit

The Ruskin Radical Research Unit (RRRU) provides a space to develop and use radical methodologies and pedagogies to support the future development of the labour movement, alongside other radical social and political movements. The RRRU gives academics, activists and officials the possibility to bring research and action together, tackling issues that are of direct relevance to workers and communities both in the UK and in many other countries in the world.

The Research Unit activities:

Working paper series

Provides a space in which staff, post-graduate students, and visiting academics and activists can publish their work. The working paper series is particularly interested in publishing research which develops or uses radical research methodologies.

Seminars and open sessions

The RRRU welcomes external speakers to Ruskin either as part of the ILTUS residential courses, or as open events such as book launches, film showings, commemorative events (such as the 30th Anniversary of the miners’ strike in 2014). All these sessions are open to staff, students and members of the wider community.

Teaching radical research methodologies

The RRRU seeks to build up students’ research skills across college teaching, by contributing units on research, and instilling the expectation of higher learning in all Ruskin students, no matter at what level they enter the college.

Develops and showcases the radical pedagogies used at Ruskin for teaching across all areas.

The RRRU will become a national centre for the development of radical and inclusive pedagogies. This is a space that is desperately needed in higher education today, which can build on the tradition of praxis at Ruskin, and enable staff and students to challenge the current repression of dissenting knowledge and action.

Research partnerships with Trade Unions, social movement organisations and NGOs

The RRRU welcomes ideas to develop research projects and partnerships with other organisations, in support of common goals.

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