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Roy Murad Selective in Investments

Roy Murad

It is not uncommon for Roy Murad to look at 350 or more potential business deals each calendar year. But despite that large number, Roy Murad and his team of people usually only get involved with 30-45 of them. That’s because Roy Murad believes in taking educated and smart risks. According to Roy Murad, business can only really happen properly with a good combination of talent and synergies working together. He specializes in $1M to $10M deals.

Roy Murad Understands the Value of Support

Roy Murad may have established himself as a successful businessman, but that doesn’t mean he hesitates to acknowledge the roles others have played in his successful journey to the top.

Roy Murad realizes that success in business doesn’t usually come from just one source. To achieve at the level he has takes the work of a team. While hard work is necessary to move ahead in the professional business community, particularly in the investing and underwriting field, it would be nearly impossible for people like Roy Murad to reach new heights without an excellent and skilled support staff.

Roy Murad completes about 20-30 quality investments every year. He has maintained this level of production consistently over his 20 years in the investing and underwriting industries. Roy Murad has relied on the help of countless other individuals to make these transactions possible. He has always valued the people that have contributed to his career and he hopes he has helped them as much as they’ve helped him.

Roy Murad operates with honesty. Connecting with other business professionals on a daily basis requires open communication and the ability to maintain an honest and trustworthy operation. Roy Murad believes that both sides of a transaction should do their best to maintain transparency and to be as detailed and thorough with each other as possible. A transparent and honest business transaction benefits both parties involved.

Roy Murad also makes it a point to surround himself with the best in the business. By always working with talented individuals, Roy Murad is able to continually learn and build his growth potential.

Roy Murad is an Investment Opportunity Strategist

Roy Murad had committed himself to finding the best investment and underwriting opportunities and making them profitable. As an investment and underwriting professional with over two decades of experience, Roy Murad believes in constantly updating his business model and approach to cope with an ever-changing business environment.

Roy Murad is currently working with Mill Street Funding Partners to find great investment opportunities. Finding the right opportunity for investment takes the experience, commitment and devotion of well-versed professionals who know how to calculate risk and find reward. Roy Murad searches for companies with successful and proven business models that are confident and firmly-invested in their own future.

Partnering with companies that value innovation is very important to Roy Murad.

Innovation is often underutilized and can lead to stagnancy. Roy Murad seeks out those companies that place value on new ideas and that are willing to change to meet the demands of their industry. A skilled investment team takes the time to properly research and vet any potential opportunity before expressing outright commitment.

Roy Murad has been an entrepreneur for most of his life. It is his entrepreneurial spirit and years of business savvy that have made Roy Murad the success he is today. A professional businessman must be motivated to explore multiple opportunities and become well-informed about his industry before making any major moves forward. Roy Murad combines the enthusiasm of a young entrepreneur with the experience and knowhow of a seasoned professional to make the best and most profitable investments.

Roy Murad on Managing Your Personal Brand

In the business world, a company’s brand is everything. The same thing could be said about reputation in personal life. The two collide when an entrepreneur or businessman must manage his/her personal brand. Roy Murad has been a successful investor and entrepreneur for many years now, and he understands how to properly maintain and build your own personal brand.

(1) Make Smart Choices

Nothing can derail your personal brand more than a dumb decision. Roy Murad believes that a person’s brand or image is only as good as the person behind it. That is why Roy Murad approaches everything he does with honesty, integrity, and humility. Roy Murad advises people to make smart choices all the time, not just when people are looking.

(2) Communicate

If you want to do more than just maintain your personal brand, you must learn how to effectively communicate and market. Roy Murad makes it a point to let people know what he is about. There is a fine line between being arrogant and letting people know who you are, and Roy Murad knows how to walk that line. Roy Murad simply lets people know his experience and where he can be of value.

(3) Carefully Choose Your Associates

Everyone knows that you will be associated with the people you surround yourself with, so Roy Murad suggests being careful about it. Make sure you surround yourself with people you would want to be associated with. Choose honest people with high integrity and you will most likely be looked at in the same light.

Roy Murad Explains How to Multitask Efficiently

Roy Murad is the king of multitasking in a productive and efficient manner. Roy Murad always has his plate full of a variety of different things, yet he finds time to complete them all. How does he do it? Roy Murad answers by providing readers with a few tips and pointers that work for him.

(1) Set Goals

Roy Murad always sets goals, both long-term and short-term. Goals give him something tangible to reach for. Goals provide structure, motivation, and direction, things every multitasker needs. Roy Murad believes it to be almost impossible to multitask without set, defined goals.

(2) Stay Organized

Roy Murad likes to keep a weekly planner on him at all times. Use a paper planner, or your smartphone, whatever suits your style. Organization allows you to visually see what you need to do. Nobody is perfect, and without an ability to keep track of things we often see a decrease in productivity. Organization will be your best friend.

(3) Focus on One Thing at a Time

This doesn’t seem like it fits under the category of multitasking, but Roy Murad swears by it. Contrary to popular belief, you can multitask and focus on one thing at the same time. You need to learn how to juggle. Roy Murad likes to accomplish one thing, quickly move to the next, and then come back and do something else. This allows him to do multiple things in a short period of time, yet still give complete focus to the task at hand.

Roy Murad on Funding Partners

Roy Murad is a successful and experienced entrepreneur, businessman, and investor. He has millions of dollars in assets and has been able to help many different companies get off the ground throughout his career. Roy Murad helps companies in four different areas of business: Funding, Globalization, Licensing, and Marketing.

When it comes to funding, nobody is better than Roy Murad. He has an impressive track record of taking small companies and turning them into big time players. Roy Murad has been investing in companies since he was a teenager, so he has seen it all. Roy Murad and his team of people will help your company get the funding it needs to succeed.

Globalization is also important to Roy Murad. Roy Murad believes that global connectivity is one of the most important things a company can pursue. It is now easier than ever, and he advises everyone to take advantage of it. By being globally connected, you are no longer limiting yourself to one market. Roy Murad believes reaching past borders provides a chance for limitless success.

Licensing is also a specialty of Roy Murad. He can help your company reach the formal licensing requirements necessary to get in business. This is a tough area for many businesses to approach, so using Roy Murad and his team of people is a smart solution.

Roy Murad on Making Smart, Sound Investments

When looking for advice on how to make smart financial investments, it is hard to find anyone more qualified than Roy Murad. By the time Roy Murad was 20 years old, he had amassed more than $10 million in assets. He did so by owning a multitude of high yielding rental properties and buying and selling companies on an international scale. While this worked for Roy Murad, it might not work for you. Roy Murad believes every situation is different, but here is some general advice on how to make smart, sound investments.

(1) Diversify

Roy Murad is not alone when he says ‘diversify.’ Every fiscally smart individual knows the importance of diversifying their portfolio. Make sure you are not just investing in one sector, product, or industry. Roy Murad never likes to risk his financial well-being on the decision of another person. Be smart and diversify.

(2) Set Time Frames

Roy Murad advises people to have both short-term and long-term investments. Having an inequality in these two areas can cause negative setbacks. Too many long-term investments and you may find yourself with a lack of capital. Too many short-term, safe investments and Roy Murad points out that you probably won’t get much return.

(3) Monitor Investments

The job is not done once you put your money into a fund, portfolio, or stock. In fact, the job has just begun. In order to have your money work for you, Roy Murad points out the need to monitor your investments. Roy Murad suggests looking at and analyzing every monthly statement you receive.

Roy Murad on Social Networking

Social networking sites are no longer just hip, cool ways to stay connected with personal friends. These sites are becoming integral parts of business. Roy Murad, a successful Canadian business leader and investor, has gotten on board. Have you? Here are a few of Roy Murad’s favorite social media sites:

  • LinkedIn

From a business standpoint, LinkedIn is the premier social media platform. Roy Murad likes LinkedIn because of its focus on business relationships and networking. LinkedIn allows users like Roy Murad the ability to connect with business partners and companies across the globe and stay abreast with current industry news.

  • Twitter

Twitter allows users to send out short and simple statements, links, or updates in a quick and timely fashion. Roy Murad uses the site to stay up-to-date on what is going on at any given moment. Users can choose who and what to follow. Roy Murad equates it to picking which conversations you want to be a part of at a party.

Roy Murad likes Facebook, the social networking staple site, for the massive audience it allows you to reach. The site boasts some 250 million users, and that is something that excites Roy Murad. Facebook allows businessmen and entrepreneurs the chance to create a company ‘page’ to market a product or business.

These are just three of the many social networking sites currently on the internet, but they are three of Roy Murad’s favorites. Other sites include Instagram, Foursquare, Google Plus+, Pinterest, MySpace, and more.

Roy Murad Finds Google Glass Interesting

Roy Murad is always looking for the next big thing when it comes to innovative technology. As an investor, Roy Murad is constantly coming in contact with new ideas and inventions. Currently he is investing in a technology company that provides interactive interfaces for television advertisements, and he has interest in electric cars. One thing that Roy Murad has watched from the outside, and is very excited about one day trying, is Google Glass.

Roy Murad mentions that Google Glass is a type of ‘wearable computer’ that users put on like a pair of reading glasses. It has an optical head mounted display, or OHMD, and combines some of the industry’s most cutting edge technology. It is advertised as being able to do anything a smartphone or computer can do. According to Roy Murad, Google Glass is still in the research and developmental stage, but a select few have already been given the opportunity to test and try it.

In 2013, a small group of people were allowed to register for the chance to purchase Google Glass. Google charged $1,500 for the product and is using it as an opportunity to test it for bugs and flaws. Roy Murad likes the idea of a company releasing a product to a controlled group of consumers before releasing to the mass public. Roy Murad believes that the feedback they can provide is invaluable.

Some of the features Roy Murad believes will be popular with Google Glass are the voice activation, camera, and touchpad. Roy Murad is excited to one day purchase a pair for himself.

Roy Murad Offers Advice on Starting a Small Business

Roy Murad is an ultra-successful Canadian business leader with an interest in helping young, aspiring entrepreneurs. He would like to provide a few steps on how to start your very own small business. Roy Murad accrued more than 10M in assets by the time he was just 20 years old, so his opinion is greatly respected.

1. Figure Out the Plan

The first step in starting a small business is to figure out the basics. Roy Murad wants you to ask yourself these simple questions: What value does my idea give people? What external resources do I need? These two questions will likely develop into more questions, so Roy Murad suggests starting here.

2. Develop the Plan

Roy Murad suggests that you create a business plan next. A business plan will provide an organized, concise look at your idea. Be sure to include things like an executive summary, a business description, and a marketing strategy

3. Find the Finances

The third step is a very important step, according to Roy Murad. You have to find finances somewhere. Will you fund it from your private capital? Do you have friends and family interested in investing? Do you need to seek out bank loans? Roy Murad advises you to figure out these details before getting any further.

4. Market the Business

Now comes the time to market your business to the public. Roy Murad mentions that there are plenty of free ways to market, but even a small budget can help in a tremendous way.

5. Launch the Business

This is the fun part. That is, if you have done everything leading up to this step well. Roy Murad loves the moment when he is finally able to launch a business.

Roy Murad on Canada’s Best Destinations

Canada is an incredibly beautiful vacation spot known for its breathtaking nature and unique cities. Travelers could spend months visiting hundreds of different towns, cities, and sites, but some stand above the rest. That’s why we have sought out advice from successful Canadian business leader Roy Murad. Roy Murad has been kind enough to provide a list of the top Canadian destinations.


As Roy Murad points out, there is a reason Vancouver hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics. This city is a great destination for those living an active lifestyle, as it is home to great skiing and snowboarding. According to Roy Murad, summer is also a very popular time to visit. The weather is very warm and comfortable in Vancouver during the summer, allowing visitors the opportunity to walk around and take in the restaurants and shops.


Roy Murad loves Montreal. He says it is unlike any other city in the world, boasting stark diversity. Roy Murad loves how the city offers a modern visual of skyscrapers and city blocks alongside 17th century French architecture. Montreal has a very fun and lively nightlife scene, as well as good food and music. Roy Murad always suggests putting Montreal on any travel itinerary.


Toronto may be the most culturally diverse city in the country. According to Roy Murad, they have many different and distinct districts within the city. These districts include Little India, Greektown, and Koreatown. Roy Murad also enjoys the professional sports teams Toronto has. They have three teams that compete in American professional leagues, including the Maple Leafs, Blue Jays, and Raptors.

Businness Polices and the Law With Roy Murad

As a businessman, Roy Murad knows that the business world is inundated with lawsuits. Roy Murad has spent the past 20 years both investing and underwriting, with about 20-30 transactions completed each year. Roy Murad states that because business activity is inherently connected to litigation in our society, it is virtually impossible to run that type of business without being exposed to lawsuits. The more transactions you work with, according to Roy Murad, the more likely you are to be sued. According to Roy Murad, the key to handling lawsuits properly is by getting the proper legal counsel and attempting to settle.

Get Proper Legal Counsel

As Roy Murad asserts, the first step in handling a lawsuit the right way is getting proper legal counsel. Proper legal counsel is important for each individual situation, whether you need to be forceful or conciliatory. Roy Murad states that you can only deal with a specific lawsuit by getting the right legal counsel to handle that individual issue. This is because every lawsuit is different, just as every lawyer is different.

Try to Compromise & Settle

According to Roy Murad, the goal of finding the right legal counsel for your lawsuit is to help you settle and reach a compromise quickly. Roy Murad knows that if a legal issue is drawn out for a long period of time, it will end up costing both parties a significant amount of time, money, and resources, which is simply unacceptable in the business world. By finding the right legal counsel, Roy Murad believes that you will be able to settle your lawsuit quickly.