An Introduction <^_^>

First thing on the list, my name. my name is Sunirra.Li Tang.Anderson or Suni for short yes I spell it differently and yes that is one of my nick names and my other nick names include QQ and Sunsta I know random right. moving on from that embarrassing topic how about I give you a little back story of me and my life so far. It all started when I was born in 2002 18th of December my mum told me I was a happy and energetic kid who was also very naughty at times. My first pre school wasn't very good, not going to mention the name but lets just say they didn't care very much about me or pretty much any other kid there. My second pre school however was AMAZING and I remember loving every moment of it (except the time where I was punched in the stomach by someone). Then came the first day of school. I remember this day very clearly because I couldn't speak English! Yes you read that right, because I couldn't speak English it was tough for the first few weeks but then everything went back to normal and I could speak English again. My first school was called Granville Public School, I went to that school for 3 and a half years and after that I moved to my current school M.P.S my teachers at Merrylands have been Misses. Foubester, Mr. Cassidy and Miss. Ristivojevic. I am now 12 years old ( well almost I haven't had my birthday yet). I'm now half way through year 6 and am going to high school in 7 months. I hope to graduate high school in year 12 so I finish school but you never know what might happen. so that was basically the recap for my life so far and also the end of my introduction.

My Family

If I had to describe my family in three words, those words would be Confusing,Lucky and different. I have never concidered my family to be "the tipical family" but I find that a good thing because It makes us unique, that comes with bad times as well but mostly its great to be different to the avarage family. Mum: My mum works at Woolworths, she has worked there for 6 years and has done a very good job suppling my family with money and a very tasty meal every night. Dad: My dad is a finance broker he also plays a part in suppling the family with the needed amount of money (and once in a wile he makes a great mashed potato with some delicious homemade gravy).Sister: My sister is a property manager, she and I have our own weird scence of humour,we also share a love for anilmals. Jessy: Jessy is my rabbit, she can play soccar (better than me) and she also gets along very well with my cat Dot. Dot: One word EVIL (just kidding :).

Here Are Some Pictures Of My Family


I wouldn't consider myself a VERY talented person but I do have my specialties. The first thing I would consider a talent of mine is my singing. A lot of people have told me that I have a nice singing voice and agree with them. I have liked singing ever since I could remember and it has always been a talent of mine and I have always enjoyed it. My second talent is horse riding I thought that I had just started liking horses and horse riding but a few days ago I found a drawing I made when I was a little kid. I started getting into horse riding a few months ago and I have really enjoyed it and my family think I'm pretty good to. Swimming is my third talent, I started off not knowing how to swim at all I couldn't even float! My mum was the one who introduced me to swimming because one day she took me to Olympic pool and booked me some lessons at first I hated it but now I look back and thank her.


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I will start off with my goals, My first goal is To get one of the jobs I want when I grow up those jobs are a horse riding instructor, RSPCA worker or a singer. Another goal I have is to get a good amount of money from my job so I can buy a nice house to live in when I move out. My third goal is to make my YouTube channel a success, I say my channel but I actually share the channel with Rhiannon we haven't figure out what to name the channel yet but we know what most of the content is going to be, the content is going to be challenges. My forth goal is to stay in touch with my friends and stay close to them. my final goal is to learn some more languages apart from the ones I already know which are Chinese and English. I haven't had any major achievements but these are some thing I have done that I consider achievements. My first achievement is that I have learnt a new language ( which is Chinese ) I think this has had a big impact on my life in a good way because there are lots of benefits like being able to talk with my Chinese relatives. My second achievement is I have learnt how to swim I think this is a small achievement but some times its the small thing that matter. My final achievement is that I have been able to make good friends and I hope to stay friends with them forever.


NO.1: I love animals ( well except for spiders and cockroaches ) my favourite animals are horses because they are so fast and strong but affectionate as well. NO.2: When I was 5 I went to china for 5 months but it only took me 3 months to speak the language fluently and I can still speak Chinese to this day. NO.3: I have known my best friend since kindergarten and I think that we will stay friends for a very long time. NO.4: When I was 1 I had an asthma attack and I had to stay at the hospital over night. NO.5: When I was a toddler I couldn't pronounce the letter s so instead I said it with a d so story became dory and star became dar. And those are 5 random facts about me


I have two backgrounds my first background is Scottish. My family on my dads side used to live in Scotland which is located in Europe, they where farmers there until they were asked to move to Australia because the convicts living there were having a shortage of crops and food in general. My second background is Chinese. If you haven't already guessed this background comes from my mum. Her family used to be very poor so when my mum was 10 she had to start working for her family now her family comes to Australia every year to visit.


You may not know what some of my worst fears but in this text you will find out every little secret fear I have. I will go in order from smallest fear to worst fear so number 1, my first and least fear is a fear of the dark now you might think I'm a little bit of a baby but deep down every one is scared of the dark it is in human nature but most people are to embarrassed to admit it. My second fear is a fear of clowns ( I hope I'm not alone on this one or I will feel really embarrassed ). My third fear is the fear of super naturals now I know they are not real but some were in my mind I'm still scared of seeing one and being attacked by it. My fourth and final fear is a fear of cockroaches and spiders I think the reason for that is because when I was a little kid everyone around me either didn't like cockroaches or were afraid of them and for being afraid of spiders well who isn't?