Harry Houdini

By Jackson Liu

My Real Name

I changed my name when I started my magic business. My real name is Ehrich Wiess. I was called 'Ehrie' at home so I added a h and ta da! Harry.
Houdini was from Robert-Houdin. He was also a magician. We used to do magic together but as I got better than him we became big rivals.

Where I Was Born

People thought I was born in Appleton, Wisconsin, but no one really knows were I was born. I lived from 1874-1926. I think I was born somewhere in Germany. I finally found out I was born in Budapest, Hungary.

Early Life

My family was very poor and we barely had enough money to move to the new country,
USA. I worked as a paper deliverer to earn extra money. I was also a housekeeper for the Flitcrofts. Mrs. Flitcroft gave me a good place to sleep and eat. I got payed a good amount and I also earned extra money by shining shoes.

Some of the Acts I Did

I have done many dangerous acts. One I was in a straitjacket, hanging by my feet from a 15 story building at 13 degrees below 0 in Canada. Once I had a date with a sea monster. This is how it happened; a sea monster washed up on Long Wharf, a bay in Boston. It was surgically opened and cleaned, and I was handcuffed and stuffed inside the what-is-it. the fumes of the dead animal made me panic . I finally shook off the handcuffs and quickly crawled out of the animal.

I Am Locked Up With Lots of Chains For A Popular Escape Act

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