Dr. LaEla Mitchell

Science Department - Georgia Virtual School


I appreciate this opportunity to share my Georgia Virtual School Portfolio with you. Please peruse the pages as indicated on the left. However, please note, this is a work in progress!

Personal Statement

Dedicated and innovative instructor, who strives to help students gain a lifelong love of learning, encourages hands on participation and independent thought, and supports colleagues and administration in facilitating each child’s social, emotional, and intellectual well being.

Since 2005...

A couple of years ago, I was looking for some cool things to do on my summer off and I came across a website that said that Georgia eLearning was looking for online science instructors. Intrigued, I completed an application and I've been here ever since.

I have taught several classes while working with GaVS. Here are my top favorite courses!


AP Biology

AP Biology is based on a typical two semester college introductory course. It is designed to help students master the basic content of biology and related sciences while also applying their knowledge to realistic problem solving experiences. The primary emphasis is to develop an understanding of concepts rather than memorizing terms and technical details. Students devote 25% of their time to the lab experience where students learn the process and methodology of science as well as the important foundations of modern biology.


In Biology, the student will develop scientific process skills and laboratory techniques. The biological areas covered are: The Nature of Science, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Photosynthesis and Respiration, Cell Reproduction, Genetics, DNA and RNA, Ecology, Change Over Time, Classification, Microorganisms, Plants, Animals, Reproduction, Nutrition and Digestion, Transport and Immunity, Gas Exchange and Excretion, Chemical and Nervous Control, Movement, Dissection. The course uses internet-based and home laboratory activities to reinforce topics taught and lead students to appreciate nature with an investigative approach.

Mentor Teacher

Department Chair

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