The Circle Seven Spot

Recreational Resort

Come to the Circle Seven Spot to escape it all!

Here at our Circle Seven, you can experience our world class resort and enjoy each of our getaways that your whole family will relish

Our Getaway Attractions

Our Legendary Services

Geryon's Great Barrier Gondola

This is the recommended mode of transportation around the Resort. So hop on board and visit every place on site!

Happy Harpy's Hamburgers, Hoagies, and Hot dogs

Come get a quick meal from our patron Happy Harpy's whenever you need great food at a reasonable price.

Phlegethon Refreshment Fountain

Thirsty? Get a quick drink from a variety of beverages made from water purified right from the essential mineral-rich waters of the Phlegethon from our beverage dispenser

Don't miss Minotaur Money Back! The annual equipment rental and admission sale

Our signature event starts once a year, on the sixth day of the sixth month at 6:00 pm in which you can receive 66.6% off. Don't miss the chance!