Strengths Based Leadership Report

Incorporating Strengths While Working With Others

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Executing Themes


1. Improve humankind's quality of life

2. Contribute to the well being of others

3. Work when I am inconvenienced

4. Devote myself to helping others

5. Passionate about my beliefs


1. Familiar patterns and routines

2. Enjoy sharing steps I take to certain tasks

3. Do not want to give one person a slight advantage - treat people equally



1. Want to make people feel good

2. Work collaboratively in groups to gain knowledge

3. Group work motivates me to work harder

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Relationship Building


1. Willing to work in groups

2. Everyone has a different viewpoint

3. Happy to do what is assigned to me

4. Task finisher

5. Enjoy reaching goals others have set


1. Help people fit in

2. Establish good relationships

3. Enjoy working with numerous different people

4. Include everyone as I do not want to hurt anyone's feelings

5. Everyone has a voice

What does this all mean?

~ Build trust

~ Show compassion

~ Provide stability

~ Create hope

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