By: Itzel and Jimena

Leukemia definition

A progressive disease in which the bone marrow and the other blood forming organs produce increased numbers of abnormal cells. ( blood cancer that develops in the bone marrow)


Pain in the bones and joints, dizziness, fatigue, fever, loss of appetite, weakness, bleeding, easy bruising, frequent infections, nosebleed, red spots on skin, shortness of breath, unintentionally weight loss.

What body system(s) are affected by leukemia?

Skeletal System : because it originates in the bone marrow after it will spread to the rest of your bones. (Leukemia affects the skeletal system the most)

Immune system : leukemia weakens the immune system. The immune system can help fight cancer.(leukemia)

Nervous system : leukemia can reach the brain causing seizures, and problems with balance. To prevent Leukemia from reaching the nervous system, patients can receive chemotherapy.

Circulatory System : once the stem cells start transforming into abnormal cells, the circulatory system will start to see some differences in the way it works. leukemia will cause bleeding, swelling and pain in the organs.

What causes leukemia?

For most people with leukemia, there's no way to identify what causes it. In some cases, though, specific risk factors can be identified:

  • previous chemotherapy or radiation therapy
  • exposure to high doses of radiation or to benzene (found in unleaded gasoline, tobacco smoke, chemical production facilities)
  • family history
  • genetic abnormality, such as an abnormality on chromosome 22 (also known as the Philadelphia chromosome)
  • genetic disorders, such as Down syndrome and Fanconi anemia

All forms of cancer that can spread within the body (malignant), including leukemia, are thought to be due to genetic abnormalities (mutations). In leukemia, the damage occurs in the bone marrow stem cells. These special cells help to manufacture all the other cells in the blood. With this condition the production of these cells is out of control.

Is there a cure for leukemia?

No, there is currently no known cure for leukemia.

Treatments? Prevention?

There are treatments for leukemia such as


Radiation therapy

Biological therapy

Targeted therapy

Stem cell transplant


There is no known way to prevent most types of leukemia.

Some types of Leukemia may be prevented by avoiding high doses of radiations, expsoure to chemical benzene, smoking and other tobacco use.

Who is most likely to get leukemia?

Men are more likely to develop leukemia than women.

All ages can be diagnosed with leukemia, but increases with age.

Leukemia Facts/ Interesting information

  • There are fewer than 200,000 cases in the US per year.
  • Leukemia is the 10th most occurring type cancer in all races or ethnicities
  • About 31% more males are living with leukemia than females.
  • Leukemia is a cancer of the blood, though it originates in the bones.
  • The chances of developing leukemia are 35 out of 1 million.
  • Out of those 35 people who are diagnosed with this disease, 5 of them are children.
  • It is believed that medical science has known about leukemia for up to 1,500 years.