October 2015-2016

Reading Reminders


Writing Calendars- Assigned monthly. This month's submissions should equal or exceed 16 timed submissions. Students are enjoying this month's new Writing Calendar. This is a timed activity where students are challenged to write to a creative prompt.

Wordly Wise- Assigned on a Monday due the following Monday.

I have modified the assignment for students to pick 4 of the Wordly Wise items per week. This requirement will change in the future.

Article of the Week - Assigned on a Wednesday due the following Wednesday.

Students receive their AoW on Wednesdays and are able to work on it in class on Wednesday and to work on it during Eagle Time that day. The first day (Wednesday) students should read through the selection, make text mark-ups and take notes as they read. Day 2 (Thursday) of the Article of the Week can be a second re-read and work on the first box of Questions. Day 3 (Friday) of the AOW can be using notes and text to complete box 2 of the questions. Day 4 (Monday) and students can complete box 3 of Questions. Day 5 (Tuesday) and students can complete box 4 of questions.

Students should use the RACE strategy to answer their questions. Answers should always be in a complete sentence with evidence from the text.

Mastery Connect- Classwork and Eagle Time- these are assessments given during the week to see how students are doing on Core Objectives in Reading and Math.

Reading A-Z and Read Works Classwork and Eagle Time- leveled text with skill and comprehension activities.

Rosetta Stone- students are using morning time on Fridays from 8-8:30 to work on Rosetta Stone in the classroom in addition to their weekly enhancement.


Quizlet Homework- Assigned on a Monday- due on Friday by 8:30 a.m.

Suggested Schedule is

Monday- Learn

Tuesday- Speller

Wednesday- Scatter

Thursday- Test

This is a suggested schedule only. Students can submit their work daily or by 8:30 a.m. on Friday morning.

Please be sure your student is taking a proper screenshot as demonstrated in class, with the open apple menu and a percentage or seconds score. Scatter is graded using a timed rubric, as the other assignments are graded based on a percentage score.

Reading Logistics- Assigned on a Monday, due the following Monday. I have seen improvement in the completion of Reading Logistics over the last two weeks. We are almost at 100% participation! Students need to write 6-8 sentences based on their reading and must address the response question. It is equally important for students to explain and to cite textual evidence in their responses. This will be moving to Kid Blog for Quarter 2. (I have given permission to use Long Walk to Water chapter readings for this assignment at home)

Math Reminders

Problem Puzzler Reminders

-Problem Puzzler 6 for this week will be combined with Problem Puzzler 7.


-Explanations are very important and a huge part of grade(see rubric in Learn)

-Problem solving and all work should be submitted even if it is not "the correct" answer-I want to see all the thinking and process

Buzz Math reminders

-Skills should be done in order on contract as I teach them!

Students are given time if Bell work is complete early as well as study hall time on Wednesdays to work on these assignments at school.

Students may use links on Symbaloo in Division folder in Learn for help! We will be starting with dividing fractions in class this Wednesday!

Note: There are some issues with a few of the number lines with decimals and it not showing the thousandths places(if this happens to your child, please just have them save screen shots and I will be happy to adjust their grade)

Contract 4 will assigned October 12-26th and will include work on Integers. This contract will be short because students will receive a review homework packet for Nibbling on Number Sense the week before EOQ's. (Monday October 19-23rd)

TENMARKS reminders

Students should show work in Program notebooks!(or photo work on whiteboards)

Tenmarks on Decimals due this Wednesday, October 7th!

Students should make sure to drop box corrections!

(Drop box in Eagle time folder under Tenmarks Decimals)

Tenmarks will be due on Wednesdays! Students work on these assignments in Eagle time.

Students will receive new assignments this Thursday on Dividing Fractions as well as a personal assignment based on how they did on our assessments this week(These 2 ten marks will be due Wed, October 21st)


Our new assessments are going well in Mastery Connect.

Students had their Assessment Tuesday on Division and Decimal operations.

Division of Fractions assessment will be on Friday, October 16th!

Intro Integers Assessment will most likely be on Monday, October 26th, but is subject to change!

Original work from Assessments are being kept in student folders and you are welcome to see them during Parent Teacher conferences.


Students have completed a Google Drive Menu checklist on Decimals!

We have also used a SMORE for stations!

This week we will be working on dividing fractions in class.

Thank you to those already who have responded to the sign up genius and have sent materials for the lessons with Dividing Fractions and food. Please send any materials you may have on the sign up in by Thursday morning.


If there is nothing left to sign up for and you would like to contribute, I forgot to ask for small dixie cups and small plates which we are in need of as well as WET Ones hand wipes!


We will be completing I movies and our studies of Angiosperms this week in class!

I movies and the 4 Flower Stations are due Friday!

We will be presenting the I movies a few a day in Science class from Friday until next Week!

We will begin a Blendspace Menu for work with Photosynthesis, Respiration, and Transpiration next week through the end of the Quarter!

Students enjoyed discussing how bees and honey are part of pollination in Science Class. They enjoyed sampling real Sourwood mountain honey from my uncle!

SCIENCE Quiz-We will have a short quiz on Thursday, October 15th on plant structure and the Parts of the Flower!(10 multiple choice/2 open response ?)

Upcoming Dates for October

This week-Field Trip $ due by 10/15, but please send ASAP if you have not!

October 5-9th-Penny Wars( A Note came home about this)!

Please send Good money pennies for our class to collect & bad money(silver) for us to put in other classes' bucket

October 10th-Fall Festival(2-6 pm) Tickets will be available

October 12th-Buzz Math Contract 3 due

October 13th-Chic-fil-A Night

October 14th-Early Release Day

Oct 19th-Ancient Numbers Project due

October 23- Field Trip to Sci Works

October 27& 28-1st Quarter EOQs

October 30th-No school

Spa Basket for Fall Festival!

Thank you! Our basket is all set!