Matt Blaisdell's Geographic Journey

By: Matt Blaisdell

The Start

My journey began when my parents got married and had me in the bahamas. They went back to California for the few beginning years of my life.

The City of Monterey

The city of Monterey the city where i barely grew up in. My father lived here mostly his whole life after the army and found my mom through my cousin becky matching them together.


Im pretty sure we moved here because of my brother Shaun his father lived here, and the fact that california is quite an expensive place to live in not only that but the sports there like wrestling are ridiculous where you have 125 man brackets for a state title.

Elementary School

The Elementary school I went to was peter woodbury it was easy back then and I met some of my friends there that i wouldn't think i would still be friends with today. I wasn't the kind of kid who stayed out of trouble yet i was a big troublemaker back then i've realized after that, thats it's not the way you should take its just not worth it.

New Hampshire

The town I have grown to hate over a certain time period; the town itself is beautiful in its own nature but I just dont how things are here. Not the place i want to live my whole life. It is a very spacial town houses are beautiful and expensive; some of the people here are a bit snobby but the rest are normal middle class people who you can relate to. This place shares similarities to Mass. but different at the same time its probably because they are in the same general Region.

Pop N' Flow Wrestling tournament Lake Placid

One of the top tournaments in the country for national duels the teams that are mostly dominant in this belong to NY, NJ, and PA. The team i wrestle for the Granite State Gryphons don't particularly have a chance in a tournament like this but its worth a go for the experience and learning.


The college that looks the most successful despite the last problems they have had at the university is Penn State this is one college that is a dream to me and i wish i could be as successful to get into this college. I just have to focus on my schoolwork and sports and don't slack off those are the keys to success that i have been neglecting slimming my opportunities in life.

Back to Cali

I would love to move back to california the Location is great and you are miles within a beach and have access to major cities within a couple miles of your house. Imagine a beach house on the massive coastline of California it would just be astonishing itself to see such a sight.

Shaolin Monastery

The Shaolin Monastery is one of the most interesting pieces of architecture that humans built, I'm assuming that this place is very peaceful and would be worth the travel to explore this interesting building.


I hope to be able to see one of the olympic games in my lifetime, I feel like it would be an incredible experience. The olympics one of the times where everyone in the world despite their differences come together in friendly competition.

My Final Resting spot would probably Be

A Log Cabin in the Middle of the woods where no one would bother me it would be calm and quiet and all log cabins have a beautiful design to them. Hand Built by me.