Save Our Society! Restrict Phones!

How Cell Phone Use Has Turned People Into Machines.

History of Cell Phones.

Cell phones were released to the public in 1983 by Motorola, ten years after being invented. Then, these phones weren't used for much more than talking to other phones and cell phones. Over the years they evolved into smartphones which could send and receive emails, take pictures, and send text messages. In 2007 when the iPhone came out, it could do most anything that a computer could do, through a touch screen. This revolutionized the cell phone world and even the way people lived.

The Real Effects of Cell Phone Use

  1. In today's society, it isn't an unusual sight to see someone eating dinner while using their phone, even when the family is all present. In the past few years, the versatility and uses of cell phones have increased greatly. But are they taking away from real life social interactions?
  2. Studies from South University have shown that people let their cell phone distract them from important activities. Not only that, but they've also let their phones make their socializing skills weaker. Cell phones have turned us into robots. Playing outside and talking in person seem to be a thing of the past.
  3. Playing outside actually kept kids in shape though, it helped them interact with people too. Phones though, all they do is shorten people's attention span. With so many messages and alerts all the time, it's hard to focus on anything going on in the world around you. Overtime, this shortens the attention span of not only kids but anyone who uses phones enough.

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How to Further Detain the Effects of Cell Phone Use.

  1. No matter how much cell phone companies want to make money, they need to think about the public and the customers who are using their cell phones. Cell phones should be time restricted and stop working for any reasons other than emergency calls during certain hours of the day. This would definitely be for the better future of the kids. It wouldn't only help the kids focus more but it'd help with nightly routines and cell phone use during school hours if done the right way.
  2. If phone hour restrictions didn't function correctly, another way to make things work would be to make certain phones only for the use of kids ages 12-17. These phones could be used only to contact family members and 9-1-1. This way, by the time they turned 18 their brains would be almost, if not fully developed. This wouldn't be as bad for their attention span as they grew up and maybe by the time they can get a normal cell phone, they won't be inclined to use it so much.