Women's Rights

By:Latavia Liles

Women's Rights

Women earned the right to vote for the first time in 2005, and in 2009, four women won seats in parliament. As in nearby Qatar, they aren't able to convey citizenship to their children. Those born to Kuwaiti mothers do get the same benefits as Kuwaiti citizens up until they're 21. !
read more.There are no laws focusing on domestic violence against women. The country's 2005 constitution states that a quarter of parliament seats and government positions must go to women.

Married Woman's

40 percent of young women is South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa are married by their 18th birthday.Most of middle East countries are governed by religion based ideals.!

As men are typically viewed as superior, they can divorce their wives relatively easily and even through merely oral renunciation.

Women on the other hand face many more challenges. In Lebanon, abused women do not even have the right to file for a divorce unless an eyewitness is willing to testify.With the exception of Israel, Iran, Tunisia, and parts of Egypt, women in the Middle East do not have the right to pass citizenship on to their children while men have the ability to not only pass it to their children, but also to their non-national wives

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The Future Of Women’s Rights In Saudi Arabia

In some countries, the courts automatically grant custody rights

to the father and women are left without any means of financial support.