The Samurai

By: Logan H, Emma P, Truman M, and Savannah M

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What is a Samurai warrior?

A Samurai warrior is a highly respected warrior of Japan. They are known for their loyalty and honor towards their country. Samurai warriors use the art of Zen Buddhism to find their inner peace. Zen Buddhism is the art of meditation and self reflection. Many people look up to the Samurai as great examples for themselves and their families. Although masters at combat, these warriors are the most peaceful and respected men and women in Japan.

What is a Samurai? And what is their relationship with the Daimyos?

  1. A samurai is a member of a powerful military caste in feudal japan, especially a member of the class of military retainers of the Daimyos.
  2. In feudal Japan, the Daimyos were military lords while the Samurai were warriors or knights under their command.

How were the Samurai paid?

The Samurai were paid by the Daimos. They were given rice and land for their services. Koku is the name of the amount of rice that they were paid. The normal size of this payment was enough rice to last the Samurai a year.

Bushido (The code of the Samurai)

  1. Honor- The most important quality
  2. Truth- Samurai must be honest and righteous
  3. Courage- The ability to risk your life every time, in impossible situations
  4. Spirit- Samurai are not allowed to say die "Never say die"
  5. Destiny- Samurai believed in "Karma" what you do shall be returned to you
  6. Seppuku- Ritual suicide to redeem yourself

What kind of apparel did the Samurai wear?

A helmet is built with a face mask that is decorated with scary faces to intimidate opponents. A neck curtain of jointed metal is used to protect the throat and neck. Shoulder guards were made from small plates laced together for easy and quick movement. Thigh and calf guards use a combination of chained medal and plates, that kept the lower body safe. and a kimono is a baggy garment under his/her armour and loose pants.