Water Leaf or Folium aqua

By: Brianna Flood

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The environment that this plant lives in is a moist, humid, land area, or a wet environment such as a river, marsh, or pond.


1) An adaptation that my plant has is that it doesn't have long or many roots. Since it is surrounded by water it doesn't need roots to get water, it just needs them to hold on to each other so they don't all float away from each other.

2) Water Leaves do not grow very large, but they have simple struc- tures that function like roots, stems, and leaves. These adaptations help moss plants survive on moist land and in water.

3) Water Leaves cells also have special storage areas for water and nutrients, so it doesn't drown while being surrounded by water it only takes in and storages enlighten water as it needs.


The Water Leaf plant is both sexual and asexual. It is asexual because it has spores. Spores are a single reproductive cell that is protected by a hard, watertight covering so it can float in the water or move in the air if on land. It is also sexual because it has fertilized eggs that grow into a a stalk with a capsule on the end. The stalk and capsule grow from the femal Water Leaf plant. Inside the capsule, it does the process of meiosis and produces thousands of tiny spores. When the spores are released, the cycle can begin again.

Seed Dispersal

The spores are dispersed by wind and the water current. Also the eggs are dispersed by wind and water but mostly in water.

Similar Plant on Earth

Water Leaf is similar to moss, it is alike because they both live in the same environment and are both sexual and asexual reproductive. Its structure is kind of similar to the moss plant.