The Industrial Age

Brenna Reiten

Samuel Morse

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Samuel Morse was born on April 27 1791 in Boston MA. To Jedediah Morse and Elizabeth Breese. He was the Co inventor of morse code and he helped to develop the use of telegraphy

Trust Funds

helps hold property

Keeps things safe if you can't

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How The RailRoads Affected The Time Zones

Railroads actually helped the time zones.

During the late 1800s the Canadians and the Americans made four different time zones

It was not until 1918 that congress actually approved the time zones

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The Pullman Strike

The Pullman Strike was a strike that happened in the summer of 1894 because of they wanted cut wages. The ones that went on the strike were the ones who built the Pullman cars. About 25,000 workers went on the strike. It lasted not that long but the effect lasted a while
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