Sates of Matter


Define: The state of matter in which materials have a definite shape and a definite volume.

Details: Low kinetic energy, Define volume, define shape.

Examples: Ice, Steel, and Wood


Define: The state of matter in which a material has a definite volume but not a definite shape.

Details: Medium kinetic energy, Define volume, No define shape.

Examples: Water, Syrup, and Honey


Define: The state of matter in which a material has neither a definite shape nor a definite volume.

Details: No fixed volume, No define shape, and High kinetic energy.

Examples: Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon dioxide.


Define: Gas with electrons instead of atoms.

Details: Most common phase of matter in the universe, extremely large amounts of energy, strongly influenced by magnetic fields.

Examples: Stars and lightning

Bose-Einstein Condensate

Define: Groups of atoms behave as though they are a single particle.

Details: Einstein predicted this state of matter in 1920's, In 1995, scientists created this state of matter, and it exists only at absolute zero or 0 kelvin

Examples: Superfluids and superconductors.