Style and Sewing

By:Bailey Hayward

My report is on style and sewing. The reason I like sewing is because a lot of kids my age don't know how to do it. It helps me to be creative and have fun, also it helps me keep up with the latest fashion trends. If I make something I try to make it in style, unless I have extra material to make random things. I have been sewing since I was about seven, which was when my grandma taught me to sew by hand. I started sewing on a sewing machine when I was 11. Usually I take about 2 days on sewing depending on the thing I'm making .

For some stylist in fashion you don't have to go to college degree. If you were going to college though you will probably need to take certain classes like marketing , advertising, art, pop culture, economics, and mechanical engineering. If I was able to become a fashion stylist my average salary in the very beginning of my career on average $30,631 to $61,729, if i keep working in 5-9 years of my work i will earn on average between $34,798 to $71,031 .Most stylist's don't hand sew like i am used to, instead they sew using a machine called a sewing machine. For an example, on Project Runway they use a Brother PC-210 .
Sewing is very old and dates back to the prehistoric era. Archaeologists believe almost 25,000 years ago the last ice age sewed together fur, hide skin, and bark for clothes. The needles were made of antlers, wood, and different types of plants. Chinese archaeologists have also found a complete set of sewing needles and thimbles in the tomb of a minor official from the Han Dynasty 202 BC -220 AD. This is the oldest known thimble in the records of history.
For us girls i went out and looked up the style for this month, and the fashion this month is street style. Some of us might not know what street style is. Well street style is deep blacks and dark colors sometimes mixed with different lighter colors. Prints are usually animal and wild kind of things like scribbling's, paint drippings, or even universal stars. For accessories there are usually black bags and shiny silver or gold bangles or bracelets, or even a neon item to make the outfit pop!
From doing this project i learned that there is no set place that sewing was invented. If i keep going on doing this i can make a career out of it and still be able to go to college. When i'm older i want to keep doing this, but mainly i want to be a singer. If I'm famous i'll make my own clothing line witch will have all my original designs. In conclusion I have learned that since sewing has been around for so long, there will always be people enjoying it, and the benefits that it has to offer.