Theseus and the Minotaur

By Amanda B. & Victoria G.


Theseus and the Minotaur; Theseus is the son of a king and lives in the city Athens. The city is very unhappy. There were thieves and murders all around so Theseus got rid of all of them and the town was happy. Until, one day when 7 men and 7 women had to be sacrificed to the minotaur. Theseus volunteered and went to slay the minotaur. Princess Ariadne saw Theseus and decided to help him by giving him a gold thread, having him tie it to the entrance of the maze so when he killed the minotaur he would be able to find his way out. Theseus killed the minotaur and chopped his head off. Then him all of the other sacrificed people and Princess Ariadne sailed off soon to stop at an island to rest and leave Princess Ariadne behind because Theseus thought she would be bad.

Interview with Theseus & Princess Ariadne


R: Hello Princess Ariadne and Theseus.

PA: Hello.

T: Hello.

R: Why did you help out the prisoners Princess Ariadne?

PA: I helped them because I liked Theseus when I saw him.

R: How did you help them?

PA: I helped them by giving him a golden thread, having him tie it to the entrance of the maze and have him follow it back once he killed the Minotaur.

R: How did you know that Theseus would be able to kill the Minotaur?

PA: I knew because, he looked strong and brave.

R: Were you worried that your dad would kill you for doing this?

PA: Yes, that's why I ran away.

R: Theseus was there any extra pressure to slay the minotaur because you said you would?

T: Yes, there was because, I knew that there was a whole town counting on me to save them from any more misery.

R: Theseus what did you do to slave the minotaur?

T: I took the sword and stabbed it. Then when it fell I chopped the head off.

R: Theseus why did you chop the head off?

T: To make sure it was dead and I then had proof that it was dead do people believed me when I told them I killed it and it was dead.

R: Why did you leave Princess Ariadne on the island and sail off after she saved your and many others lives?

T: I left Princess Ariadne because I sensed that she would be trouble even though she had helped us escape the evil king and minotaur.

R: Theseus did you ever think that your dad would kill himself if you died?

T: No, because he didn't know me that well and he had a kingdom to rule and protect.

R:Did you have any second thoughts on slaying the minotaur.

T: No, because I knew that if I died I was still protecting a whole town from the minotaur.

R: Thank you for answering my questions and goodbye.

PA: Goodbye.

T: Goodbye.

Key: R=Reporter T=Theseus PA= Princess Ariadne


The pictures where found on Google and we used books for our information. To the right is one of the books we used. (scroll up to view the other book)

Differences between Theseus and Elmo.

Theseus is big and brave Elmo is small and week.

Elmo is on TV and Theseus is not.

Elmo is fuzzy and red and Theseus is tan and not fuzzy.

Theseus is human and Elmo is a monster.

Theseus is tall and Elmo is short

Whats the same between Theseus and Elmo.

Theseus and Elmo are both living.

Theseus and Elmo both face problems.

Theseus and Elmo both are brave.

Theseus and Elmo are both famous.

Theseus and Elmo are both loving.