Indoor Air Pollution

  • Indoor air pollution: the presence in to air indoors the physical chemical and biological contaminants not normally present in outdoor air of high quality.

  • Air quality: the degree to which the ambient air is free.

  1. Sick building syndrome: a condition affecting office workers,typically marked by headches and respiratory problem.
  2. Major air pollutants and their sources;

  • Radon: randon is a gas. it can seep from the ground in to air in the home. it is cause of lungs cancer.

  • Tobacco smoke: smoke vapour can goes inside. it can damage the lungs.

  • Mold: if the weather been very humid for a few days in row than mold start growing inside. it can harm people by sneezing, nasal congestion,watery eyes.

  • Carbon Monoxide: It produced whenever amaterical burns. it can cause you to lose consciousness and suffocate.

  • Households cleaners: it may not usually thought of as pollute. chemicals can causes severe burns on eyes, skin.

Five ways to reduce indoor air pollution make your clean count.

  1. veniliate
  2. ban smoking
  3. Control critters
  4. rethink pricey fixes
  5. Move it up