Hornet Park Elementary

Welcome Back, Hornets!

First Day of School

The first day of school is here and our little Hornets are tucked away in classes learning our basic procedures. Our transition into classrooms this morning was a huge success and the the cuteness factor was out of control!

Kindergarten Medical Release Forms


Your kindergarten child will be coming home with a Hornet Park Medical Release form. This form indicates that you are OK with your child being seen in the Hornet Park clinic. If you do not sign and return the form your child will not be seen by our school nurse.

Please contact Mrs. Beck, our school nurse, at 317-780-5050 with any questions or concerns!


If your child needs medication for any reason this must be supplied by you. The medication will need to be brought into the school clinic by a parent/guardian. Our clinic does not supply medication of any kind.