By: Reese Johnson

Christianity - Summerization

The followers of Christianity are called Christians. A major belief of Christians is of the Holy Trinity. The Holy Trinity is the belief that god has three parts: The son, the father, and the holy spirit. Christians base their focus on Jesus Christ, the son of god. One tradition of Christians is called Baptism. Baptism is the ceremony of introduction into Christianity, where the subject is dunked underwater in a means of ¨being cleansed¨ Another tradition is called the Holy Communion. The Holy Communion is a recreation of Jesus' last supper. The Christian Sabbath is Sunday, on which followers of Jesus gather in churches to be taught by a Pasture. Christians study The Bible in Church, as well as any other day. Christmas is a very well known holiday all around the world. Christmas is the holiday celebrating Jesus Christ's birth. Easter is also well known, as it is the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Jerusalem is a holy place for Christians, as it is the place of Jesus' death on the cross.


This is a picture of the Christian Holy Book, called the Bible. The bible is the story of Jesus Christ, and the word of god. Christians study this book during their time of worship, or Sabbath, which for Christians is Sunday.
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Christianity - Conclusion

Besides god, all three religions believe in Abraham. Abraham was an important man in history. Many religions find his teachings important. Also, all three religions are monotheistic, meaning they all believe in one god: the god of Abraham.