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At Bank we pride ourselves on being the most affordable bank in the St.Louis region,

A list of a few things that our customers have the luxury of include:

  • No ATM or Over Draft fees
  • Easy online and mobile banking
  • Free and easily deposit-able checks
  • A great rewards program
  • Free bucket of chicken with every new checking account opened

Come bank and open a checking account with us as soon as possible! Every great offer has a downside as it costs an astounding 200 dollars to open a checking account with us. However, with our 20% off discount going on currently it is without a doubt the best time to come join the best banking family there is here at Bank.

Stop by anytime at any of your 3 St.Louis locations as we are opened 24/7

It is never a bad time to visit our bank. We have an "accountant" there 24/7 for your convenience.

Chec kus out online, on twitter, or feel free to shoot us a call