South Africa

By: Misuni K. 5th period social studies

South Africa

South Africa is at the very bottom of Africa. Of course, it's in the South of Africa. The life in South Africa is completely different than how we live. There are many poor people and also many people who are extremely religious. Many people here in America, aren't as religious as the people in South Africa. They wear traditional clothes, we wear non-traditional clothes. We are all very different, and you get to find out just how different we are! Also many cool and amazing facts about South Africa.

Oh the Wonderful Oceans We Go!

On the very sides of South Africa, lays the most amazing and humongous oceans.
To the East of South Africa- The Indian Ocean
To the West of South Africa- The Atlantic Ocean

Some Natural Resouces

Political Problems


Apartheid means, discrimination, the separations between people. In South Africa, much apartheid came upon the land in the 1930's. Much white people had come and they would get more than the others. This caused much problems.

Nelson Mandela

First elected president in South Africa. A remarkable man. He helped many people in South Africa by stopping apartheid in South Africa. He gave his people confidence, care, and freedom. He retired in 1999 after 5 years of presidential service. He was the many that changed lives for many South Africans.

I hope you enjoyed my presentation about South Africa! Thank You!