Monday Musings

Your Head Teachers thoughts ...

And the half term keeps zooming on! Lots happening this week so read on and make sure you read to the bottom!

Suffolk Music Festival - Tuesday this week

Fireflies will be travelling to Orwell Park school on Tuesday morning to enter into the Choral Speaking category at the festival. They are leaving school at approx 10.15am. The choir will be joining them at lunch time ready for their category in the afternoon. Parents are welcome to come and watch in the afternoon. The category starts promptly at 1.30pm. Choir are entering 2 categories - Small School Choir and Choir under 11years. If you have not told us you are taking your child home at the end rather than them coming on the coach with us then please do asap. Please can all children who are in the choir bring a snack and drink for the afternoon session - we will take these with us. Thank you. If you are collecting at school we will be back for 4pm.


Chess is still happening on Tuesday after school this week. If your child is in the choir then they will not be attending chess. However if your child is not in the choir then they will be having a special small group chess lesson which will finish at 4.30pm as normal.

Family Breakfast - Wednesday morning

Kayleigh and I will be cooking bacon on the firebowl on Wednesday morning this week. You are welcome to come and share breakfast with your child between 8am and 9am. There will be a donation pot towards the cost of the food. Tea, coffee and orange juice will be available in the hall for you to help yourself, plus chocolate brioche if bacon sandwiches are not your thing! Please feel free to take your breakfast to your child's classroom if you wish, or you can eat in the garden - I guess it depends what the weather is doing! Jo will ring the bell at 9am so that we can encourage the children to start work.

Friday plans for this week

This week we are going to enjoy making music outdoors in many different ways. I am hoping that we can pull of a STOMP like orchestra with all the children. If you do not know what STOMP is, have a look on You Tube. They use common home /kitchen items to make music with. If you have anything at home that you think your child could use in the STOMP orchestra, then please let them bring it with them on Friday. Fireflies are going to be making a giant xylophone for the garden and other instruments will be made and played all day. Looking forward to lots of noise!
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2 engagements.. how exciting!

I am so pleased to be sharing exciting news! While on holiday in America Arron and his partner Jade got engaged, and this weekend Kristie and her partner Oli have got engaged too! I am sure you will join me in wishing them all lots of love and happiness for the future x

Friday Hoodies / Uniform

Jo Salter (Luke & William's mum) has only 1 Friday T shirt left - Pink Age 5-6. If anyone has any old Friday hoodies / T shirts that do not fit then Jo would be grateful for these to recycle. You will also get a discount off any recycled hoody you purchase from Jo.

There is also a small pile of lost property & uniform that has started to appear. If you have lost anything, please have a look through this pile which is on the shelf in the cloakroom. May we also ask that you also have a double check in your children's school / PE bags as we have 2 missing fireflies sweatshirts. One is a navy hoody with the logo on it & the other a navy sweatshirt off the M&S website.

Cooking Club

Any children in cooking club this Wednesday, please could they bring in an adult sized mug suitable for the microwave.