Clark, L.



Crickets by:Liliana Clark


Chirp!Chirp!Do you hear that?Do you know what that is?A Cricket! A Cricket is an insect which means it has six legs.Crickets also have two long antennas for smelling things and strong big back legs to jump.Crickets come in many colors.Some are black,brown, green,and many more colors too.Crickets are about the size of a paperclip.


Crickets like to live or hide under grass and rocks.If you search in the grass you might find one.Crickets live underground also.Crickets like warm damp areas,so you can find lots of Crickets in humid places.


Crickets eat plants,small bugs,and sometimes even other Crickets that have died!They also have strong jaws to help grab their prey.They have short feelers on the back of their body called Cerie.The Cerie can help the Cricket since prey or predators.

Chirping and Jumping

Male Crickets chirp by rubbing their wing together,but they don’t fly with them.The only reason Crickets chirp are to get mates.Crickets have strong muscles,that’s why

they can jump so high and far.They are very cool creatures.Next time you hear a Cricket remember how amazing they are.