Abused Children.

Dont beat your children, its wrong. By Jack Crozier

Article 1

These 2 children located in San Antonio are victims of child abuse. The children, ages 3 and 4 were found tied up by a chain in a backyard. When they were found, it was discovered that they had hundreds of scars, some fresh and some very old. The abusers now face trial and the children are with child protective services.

Article 2

This missionary leader, Donn Ketchman, has been accused for years for his sexual behavior towards 4 women and 18 girls but has never been convicted, until now.

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Child abuse and who its from
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Child abuse video 1

Couple is facing over 200 complaints for child abuse.

Child abuse video 2.

Mother was slamming crying baby on video to try and get child to stop crying.


Abuse: use (something) to bad effect or for a bad purpose.

Child abuse: When you use force or torture on your children.