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Zitzman 411

What's Happening This Week:

Red Ribbon Week

Monday: A Day. Dr. Mulford 'District Alignment Staff Meeting 7:30am. Tiny Guitar Club 7:45am.

Tuesday: B Day. PLC's. Good News Club 3:40pm. Girls on the Run 3:50pm.

Wednesday: C Day.

Thursday: D Day. Employee Flu shot/wellness. Girls on the Run 3:50pm.

Friday: A Day. Lego League Jr Club 7:45am. K-5 Evaluate Make Up Day 9:00am. ZE Staff Chili Cook Off 11:00am. Specials PLC 2:50pm. PTO Trunk or Treat Night 7:00-9:00pm.

Curriculum & Instruction

Instructional Coaching is now available to all teachers. Reference the flow chart that was shared with you to sign up for a coach to support your professional growth. Signups may be completed through the use of Frontline. Scott, Christine, and Josh are ready to support you!


Tiered interventions will be shared with teachers during PLC meetings. This focus supports our MMD goal on Data Based Decisions.

PLC Meetings

  • Positive Pop Ins/Form
  • RTI Training/Protocol with specific student names

  • ZE Professional Development Survey

  • Professional Learning Action Team Survey

Counselor's Corner:

Red Ribbon Week- Don't Get Twisted Up in Drugs!

Monday- Red Ribbon Awareness & Red Pledge Chain created during lunch

Wednesday- Team up against drugs. Wear red.

Friday- Red Ribbon BINGO during lunch

***Other healthy activies are planned with a food drive and the annual Dodge Ball Tourn.

10/22 - 4th week: 2nd, 3rd, and 5th grade classes

We will be wrapping up Red Ribbon Week lessons. Make-ups from last Friday will be scheduled for next week.

Looking ahead - Next week we will judge and announce winners of our Red Ribbon Week poster contest on healthy decisions. There will not be counseling classes next week except make-ups. Group details will be coming out then as well.

Group priorities are 4th and 5th grade, followed by students that were OVER qualified for Pinocchio. Next semester will focus on students that did not qualify for Pinocchio.

Please email or come see me for questions. I'm always happy to discuss any of my activities.

LIM: Is 7 Habits Learning a Big Rock for Your Classroom?

Loved this article - its a good read with some great ideas.

Leadership. It’s a Big Rock.

The first thing to go on our agenda, right? We know it should be, but it can be a real challenge to keep leadership front and center, to take regular class time to teach the 7 Habits. T

  • Take a minute to ask yourself, “Does our class treat leadership as a priority or as an afterthought?
  • Is it something we wish we had time for, but feel we don’t?”

What would you fill your time with if you had more time to fill?

If your answer is “more of the same” (you’d use your extra time to cover standards!) that’s a lot like saying the solution to a cluttered supply closet is a second supply closet!

What we need is a system that helps us use our time more effectively. It’s possible, even in the busiest classrooms. Skeptical? Check out these approaches and try out an idea or two in your classroom

If you click on the link below it will take you to the actual article where it gives you ideas for:

  • A Daily Commitment
  • A Weekly Commitment
  • A Monthly Commitment

PBL - Veterans Day Activities

Veterans Day is just a few weeks away (November 11th), we will celebrate it during our Grandparent's Day assembly! Here area few ideas to celebrate and learn about it in your classroom.

  • Community Service Idea: Students put together care packages to send to soldiers. This exercise gives the information on how to put together the care packages, and also provides vetted organizations that help deliver them. Here's that link:
  • Zitzman Zinger Possibility: A quick PBL Scenario, here's one where your class has been given a few minutes at a school assembly to highlight Veterans Day, and they must decide what they should say, and how they should say it (a skit, song parody, video montage... whatever). Here's that link:
Big picture

“What is a teacher?”, and although I could easily google a definition, I think the question we need to focus on is not, “What is a teacher?” but “What is the role of a teacher?” In a time where change is happening quicker than ever, and information is abundant, and everywhere, the role should be different than what it was when I went to school