By Shion Northey and Zac Allamby 8L

How Obesity is Caused and What it is

Obesity is caused by eating too much or moving too less. If you consume a lot of food and not burn those calories off the surplus energy is turned into fat. Becoming Obese is not just something that happens overnight, it happens gradually from poor lifestyle choices.

Who is most likely to get this Condition

Obesity is caused by poor life style choices. It happens when you are over-weight. Been Obese leads to a lot of different types of Diseases/Conditions.

Symptoms that Occur

The symptoms that occur when having the condition the condition are:

· Breathlessness

· Increased Sweating

· Snoring

· Difficulty Sleeping

· Back and Joint Pains

What do you do when you get Obesity

Obesity occurs when you become over-weight or consuming too many calories and not burning them off. When you are Obese you just make the right choices such as:

· Doing Daily Exercises

· Eating Healthy Foods

· Burn Calories

An Organisation that Can Help

The OAC (Obesity Action Coalition) is a non-profit organisation that helps people who are Obese and helping there journey to a healthier life. It has 50,000 members who are raising the issue to the public.