Marching to the Top

The Sport of Marching Band

Join our Marching Band for a fun experience!

Here at Marching To The Top, we will teach you how to march in different tempos, different styles, and how to help keep your balance.

Everyday practice

To make sure that everyone is able to keep in time, to know the technique, we will have practice everyday for 2-3 hours. We will show you how to keep your balance with your toe down and toe up, which will help you work out your adductor magnus, and will strengthen your legs over all. We will also show you how to keep your body forward, while you are marching to the side. It will make you use your shoulders, hips, and upper torso. Keeping in line is key, so we will also practice how to use your peripheral vision to its max.

Hard work, but definitely worth it

Frequently asked questions.

Will this cost a lot of money? Yes it will, but we need the money to be in competitions and for repairs. Is this a cult? No it is not. Will I start to march randomly to music I hear? Yes, and you will love it