MHS ICT Update

Term 1 Week 7 2013

Get all the latest web tools and apps to further enhance your students' learning and increase your productivity.

Websites to check out

Spreeder - This site helps you speed read text on a website. Just copy and paste the text into Spreeder and the site flashes up words of the text on the screen to help you speed read.

8 sites you might have forgotten about - A collection of 8 sites that have been around for a while but can be extremely useful in your classroom. The collection holds web tools that enhance student feedback and for students to easily create products to show their learning.

SMS Generator - Create a SMS conversation between two fictional or historical characters. Great for English and History. Can also be used to create a conversation between past scientists, geographers, etc.

Apps of the week

Awesome Android apps for educators - a collection of apps for teachers with Android phones and tablets

Haiku Deck (free) - an app for you and your students to create presentations on your iPad. Great for all KLAs

Oh No Fractions (free) - An app that allows students to compare fractions and decide which fraction is larger. Great for students in maths to practise fractions in a fun way.

123D Creature ($8.49) - Create 3D creatures with the quality of high-end 3D graphics. Can be used by students in art to create digital works; can be used in English for students to create characters; can be used in science for students to create their own creatures to show adaptations.

Need help or advice?

If you need help or advice in embedding technology in your classroom, please make time with Alice or Ben.

Have an awesome week

From Alice and Ben