Personal Project 2017-2018

10th Grade MYP @Hillsboro High IB World School

Personal Project

All 10th grade students will finish a personal project through their semester long course titled "MYP Sophomore Seminar". This is the final piece to your MYP years that you might of started at JT Moore or West End. Even if you did not attend an IB Middle School and even if this is your first year, you still have the ability to finish a Personal Project.
This is a live document that will be edited and added to as the lessons are presented. Continue to check back to stay up to date.

Time Line

You will have this semester to complete the Personal Project. Each Criterion will be assessed on the given dates.
Criterion A: Investigate (January 3rd-February 2nd)
Criterion B: Planning (Due March 14th)
Criterion C: Taking Action (Due April 10th)
Criterion D:Reflecting (May 12th)
Personal Project Fair for Community Partners in May! (Tentative Date is Friday May 4th!)

Things you will need

Process Journal (How you prepare, plan, & proceed with the project)
  • composition
  • electronic journal
  • blog

Annotated Bibliography (Cite and annotate at least 5 sources)

  • Primary Sources (Pictures, interviews, etc.)
  • Secondary Sources (database articles, etc)
Presentation (At the PP Fair in Dec.)
  • Tri-Fold Board
  • Video
  • Demonstration
  • Model
  • Website

Process Journal Checklist NEW***

You should have a journal in hand.

    • This can be a composition book, spiral notebook, a mini journal, something electronic, basically anything that shows you journaling this process.
    • Shows the books you've read, checked out
    • Shows the resources you've found and discussed what you've learned
    • Any interviews or help you are receiving from outside agencies.
    • Drawings, graphs, pictures, models, etc.

Review this checklist to make sure that you are on track!

Be Sure to Date Each Entry!

Personal Project Process Journal Checklist

What is a Personal Project

  • It a problem, you see, or you have.
  • It's something you want to learn.
  • It is something you want to help.
  • It's something that you are passionate about and you build a plan around that passion.

Watch this video from another school on how they explained Personal Projects. Note the date, use of Managebac, & the email attached do not relate. (Manabac is a tool that you will use if you pursue the IBCP or IBDP diploma your Junior year.


MYP Personal Project

Personal Project Pep Talk from Kid President

This is one of my favorite examples of a personal project. Soul Pancake is a company that over the years has exemplified how personal projects can make the world a better place.
"We create content, across various platforms, that explores life’s big questions, celebrates humanity, and champions creativity. And we do it with integrity, heart, and humor."

Now lets get out there, and do something!
A Pep Talk from Kid President to You

Criterion A:Investigating

What can you do to make the world a better place?
Make a list of things that interest you.
Big picture

Criterion B:Planning

Big picture
Planning Assignment:Proposal and Connections

This is where you learn how to submit your proposal.

Criterion C:Taking Action

Big picture

Criterion D: Taking Action

Big picture

Personal Project Fair

What will Project Fair Day Look Like?

  • You must have a project to present or attend
  • Tables spread out for presentation boards.
  • Mac Lab (Flex Lab to the right) for Video or Power Point Presentations
  • Magnets or tape to hold up Printed Posters or Created Posters on Bookshelves
  • Students stay at their presentation and their presentation being judged by community partners & guest.
  • Some classes coming down to see your projects.
  • Best in Show & Learner Profile Award presented for each Group.



  • Product is finished
  • You aren't still printing pictures or pages to build project
  • You have necessary supplies to present
  • You have listed in your project:
  1. Project Title
  2. Global Context
  3. What Part of Global Context
  4. Your Sources Listed and cited using MLA 8
  5. Pictures

Be Respectful:

  • Stay in your space and do not disturb or distract other presentations
  • Stay positive when encouraging others in their work
  • No offensive language! We are professionals presenting to outsiders. Use your best manners!


  • Clean up after yourself
  • Dress in your professional best!
  • Present with confidence
  • NO TYPOS! Please check your spelling!