Taylor Updates

New Beginnings

Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned ~ Peter Marshall

As my time here winds down and I reflect on the many "deeds" and "seeds" I've planted over the years, I am hopeful that I have made a positive impact on Lilburn Elementary. I am fully aware that I have not done this alone, as I am always in awe of the dedication of the people with whom I work. Regardless of the many challenges we may face, we persevere and face them together. No deed is too small when it is done with love, commitment, dedication, and purpose. Over time, these small deeds add up to the changes needed to reach our goals and to realize our destiny.

Lilburn is a great place, which is why I've always found it difficult to leave. So, as I transition, I am confident that it will continue to be all it can be - as long as you continue to give to our students, parents, and community - your very BEST!

Time Flies

This second semester has been a whirlwind!! It seemed we had just begun and now we're near the end of the school year. We've had so many terrific school events: International Night, Math Night, and the science fair. Our students have participated in spelling bees, field trips, honor roll celebrations, and after school clubs. They have finally completed the state assessments and are winding down with the local assessments. Students are now gearing up for the many other end of the year activities: Spring concert, a play by the drama club, field days, and our 5th grade promotion ceremony. Whew!!! What a year!

Celebrating our students!

It is critical that our students are celebrated for their accomplishments. With so many other challenges in their lives, acknowledgement of success promotes their confidence. Thank you all for supporting their efforts.


Lilburn ES has led the way with robotics. Below are this year's group of scholars and future scientists!
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Lilburn's Got Talent

Always remember to nurture their talents as they learn and grow.

Passing on the baton!!

I could not be more proud than to leave Lilburn ES in the hands of our very capable Guerlene Merisme. As I retire from this great school, I will forever be grateful to all of you for supporting my vision and making Lilburn Elementary School the very BEST!
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