The Lake of Souls

By: Dustin Martin

Theme One: Nothing is impossible

In my book they go on to a journey to find out who Harkat is and he finds out who he is but with a cost of someone else life and what he all did. He had to fight a panther, the largest toad, and some giant creature to get some stuff that they need to get his soul out of the lake to find out who he is and they pick up a guy and he tried to stop them from trying to get his soul out of the lake and but in the end they found out who he is and stuff. So nothing is impossible if you but your mind to it.

Theme Two: Accept who you are

Harkat had to accepted who he was when he found out who he was when he died and became a little person and his mind was erased of who he was when he was first created. Other people had to accepted him for who he was and stuff. When he founded out who he was it was a shocker cause he was a trader to the vampire clan and stuff. Darren accepted who harkat was. So don't let anyone change you or you change unless it is the best not for the worst

How the theme deal with with each other

You find out who know and something it make you change or people find out who you are they make you or try to have you change for the better or for worst. You have to learn which one you need to change and stuff.