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January 2015 #soar

Inquiry Lessons!

Now that most of us have been trained on the inquiry model, we can start incorporating it in the classroom! It doesn't have to be difficult, or even time consuming. In fact, after the initial planning and gathering of content resources, the learning (and work) is done by the students. Once the lesson begins, the teacher's role simply becomes the facilitator. Inquiry teaching is not something that can, or should, be done daily. Instead, it should be used as a way to build interest and engagement amongst the students. I am available and eager to plan lessons with all of you, so please do not hesitate to contact me for planning, implementing, or simply observing your inquiry lessons! Here is a link for more info on the inquiry model.

Teachers in Action!

Attention Grabbers

Ever feel like you're starting class off the same way... every day? Are kids falling asleep before they're done reading the objective? Many teachers find themselves falling into habits simply because it works or it's comfortable - a term my fellow coach has termed, "comfort teaching." After all, who wouldn't continue to do what works? If you ever want to try something new without getting completely crazy or off task read the following blog from an English teacher who has found a couple simple ways to keep her students on their toes when they enter her room.


Watch the video below! (It's super cool and uplifting)