Tiny Teddy Trains!

Published: 14/10/15

Monday 12th Of October

On Monday the 12th of October, there were 2 grade 4 classes one called 4E and one called 4D. They made delicious Tiny Teddy Trains that were absolutely magnificent!

Rating: 4.7 stars

If you want an easy snack...

If you want a mouthwatering and an easy snack before you have a busy day, make this recipe! It will sure be able to make you want more!

Procedure to make Tiny Teddy Trains

We are very lucky to get one of the recipes to teach us how to make the Tiny Teddy Trains. This procedure was by a 9 year old girl called Natalie.

How to make Tiny Teddy trains

Goal: To make a delicious Tiny Teddy train.


· Chocolate (melted)

· Smarties

· Milky Way bars

· Liquorice allsorts

· Liquorice sticks

· Tiny Teddies


· Microwave

· 1 Bowl

· Knife

· Scissors

· Toothpick

· Chopping board ( or something you can use to assemble the Tiny Teddy train)


1. First wash your hands so no germs can go on your creation ingredients.

2. Next using the bowl, get some chocolate and cut open the packet of chocolate and pour it in.

3. Put your bowl full of chocolate into the microwave and wait for it to turn into a silky texture of melted chocolate.

4. Now put the bowl of melted chocolate aside and unwrap your milky way.

5. Next, get a liquorice all sort and place the chopping board on the surface you will be working on.

6. Using the knife carefully cut a reasonable size for the seat of the train.

7. Using the melted chocolate, get a toothpick and dip it into the chocolate and spread on the bottom of the liquorice allsorts and place it on the Milky Way bar.

8. Get 4 smarties with the colour of your choice, and still using the same toothpick dab a blob of chocolate onto the smarties and stick them on with the melted chocolate.

9. Grab a tiny teddy and place some melted chocolate onto the tiny teddies feet and place it just in front of the liquorice all sort

10. Next, grab a liquorice stick and cut into the height of the tiny teddies body.

11. Once you’ve finished, you can eat it! Enjoy! J

Tip: While you’re making the tiny teddy train, if the chocolate decides to go a bit solid, pop it into the microwave for a bit to heat it up again.

Suggested times to make this snack...

This snack is super efficient and easy to make you'll want to make it a lot more!

Here are some suggested times to make them!

· Parties

· Snacks for children

· Class parties