(B)-safe BUDDIES

March 2015 - issue 2

(B)e-safe Buddies

Hi and welcome to Issue 2,

you may have notice a change in the title? (Be-Safe Newsletter)

why change?

we hope that this will develop not as a Newsletter but rather a reference that you can keep.

By sharing a little of what's new and directing you to resources and information that hopefully will help you at least stay a little closer to the fast paced changes life with technology brings, will empower you to step onto the cyber highway with the child or young person your care for to enjoy the amazing experiences out there waiting to be explored.

Yes like any exploration adventure there will be dangers but hopefully these Bi monthly updates will give you a better awareness and understanding of how to stay safe.

The internet is a fast paced resource that offers opportunities for our young people the like of which has never been experienced before.

Understandably, the digital revolution of the past two decades has induced a “moral panic” in parenting.

A technology-run world, while allowing young people excess to invaluable resources and learning opportunities, also brings forth parenting challenges,

management of screen time,(see our article issue one)

protection from cyber-crimes such as cyber bullying,

filtering age-appropriate content, and more.

As Parents / Carers we have the skills needed to keep our children safe, teach good practices and prepare for the future, (look both ways before crossing the road, don't talk to strangers') we just need to build these ideals into the on line world.

A world of support in your Pocket or Purse

Be-Safe Buddies are Supported by Staffordshire Foster carers Association


who are constantly looking for innovative idea's to support Staffordshire Carers


SCAMS - Scheming Crafty Aggressive Malicious

these can come in many forms

a phone call claiming to be from Microsoft telling you they have logged problems with your software.

the random e mail asking for your help to get money out of some distant country.

The tax man telling you have a rebate - the bank telling you need to re enter your details to excess your account. on so it goes on and on some of these are easier to spot than others,

If your online protection software is not up to date some malware can find its way onto your computer. for many years I have used free virus software and this did its job very well but today the variety and complexity of potential attacks on your system I would now recommend that you install full virus protection applications that receive regular updates.

Mikko Hypponen: Fighting viruses, defending the net

What is a Botnet? Watch

We are developing several pages of information and resources within the www.Staffsfca.co.uk web site these will be added to as we come across them well worth a visit from time to time to check out what's new.


Also check out The Associations Facebook page SFCA Facebook

staying aware of the latest scams goes a long way in helping you and your children stay safe Hoax-Slayer

Child Sexual Exploitation -

Children and young people that are the victims of sexual exploitation often do not recognise that they are being exploited. However, there are a number of tell tale signs that a child may be being groomed for sexual exploitation,

Barnardo's as part of their "Cut them free" campaign have produce resources for Children, Parents and carers we have put these HERE for you to download,if you do have concerns it is important that you contact the Childs or your social worker in the first instance)

C.E.O.P. Child Exploitation and Online Protection have produce a informative video that although produced to be delivered as part of a lesson may be useful for carers to view, (B)e-safe Buddies have further resources if you feel they may help ( but if you do have concerns it is important that you contact the Childs or your social worker in the first instance) CEOP video

Be-Safe Buddies

Be-Safe Buddies would like to build a network to support and help carers become more confident in the ever-changing on line world which we hope will result in our children and young people having enhanced opportunity’s to explore the amazing world of information and resources.

We would like to hear from people who are comfortable with today’s Media (don’t need to be a tech Geek or have a diploma in IT)

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If you have something you would like to discus or would like a little practical help please contact us

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