45 Years in the Future

Canada in the Year 2060

Intro to the Upcoming Years.

Canada has evolved in many ways. Through economy and population. Aswell as development and more. You can tell Canada has improved. But could the evolve even more? What will happen in the future? More so what will happen in the year 2060? Will the population increase? What would happen to the First Nations people? Keep reading and you'll know what could possibly happen!

Birth/Death Rate in 45 years

Canadas birth rate is now 10.29 births/1,000 population since 2014. Canada's death relate is now 8.31 deaths/1,000 population. Canada's birth and death rate have gone down quite a bit. In the far pas, Canada's population had more more kids than to day but the many more deaths aswell. In a family of six, 4 out of 6 children would survive. In the year 2070 I predict that that both and death rate would either decrease or stay stabel. Looking at the statistics the birth and death rate have decreased or remained stabel. So in 45 years, it would probably remain

first nations

What Will happen?

First Nations people have been through a lot. Whether they are Métis, Inuits or aboriginal (FN People), there're all treated poorly in the past. Their population is rapidly growing. The birth rate is high up, but the death rate is very high aswell. In 45 years I believe that the aboriginal population would grow even more or stay that same. Lookin at the facts, First Nations people will continuously progress.

Immigration Rate

Immigration plays a great part in Canada's population rate. A majority of Canada's population is made up of immigrants from China, Philippines, and India. We get about 250,000 immigrants from these 3 countries. A major percentage of this immigration population are refugees. In the future, I p2redict that the immigration rate will go through the roof compared to our past. between now and 2060, I hypothesize that our top immigration countries would be from the middle east because of the conflicts. There already is a plentiful amount of conflicts in the middle east. from this day, I believe that