"The Other Mother"

Coraline By: Neil Gaiman


One day a girl named Coraline moves into her new home with her two busy parents. Coraline wanting to get attention from her parents, but not getting it starts to explore around her new "boring home". Finding this little small door that when she first opened only had bricks but one night this little mice goes into her room leading her to the same door that magically mirrors her life but in a "better version" of Coraline's life. "The Other Mother" slowly pulling Coraline closer to her suddenly offered Coraline to live with her leaving her real parents. Coraline finding out more and more has to escape from "The Other Mother" to be able to save her real family that is being trapped.


The "Other Mother" shows corruption since she things seem one way but truly is way different from what you're seeing."The black hole of chaos which lies behind the reality we construct" showing that the reality Coraline was seeing was just a cover up of what her real reality was at the end of the day. She shields Coraline's reality and makes it into this magical thing that isn't what she goes through at her house with her real parents. Once the "Other Mother" had the chance to pull her into this corrupt world she created just for her to suddenly take everything all at once to where she leaves her real parents behind and stays with the "Other Mother". Not only that the "Other Mother doesn't just want to have you for her she also wants to take your soul once she sees that she is getting bored of you and needs someone else to trick into her little games. No matter what you try it seems you can't win against the "Other Mother" because she makes up all these games so she can try and take you away.

The way the "Other Mother" shows to love the children is "in a possessive, objective way" she uses every method to keep them in just one place for herself. "The Other Mother's created world is very small. It's little more than a trap; she cannot imagine enough of a future for Coraline to give her a larger world" said Diana because when you see parts from the movie and Coraline tries to run far away from the house she can't and ends up back where she was because the "Other Mother" didn't see more than just that house for her. Her reason for that is the fact she is showing that once she sews her eyes as buttons she can't leave that is the way her love is for the children. She would use them just for fun and when she got bored of them she decides to take more than just her whole entire future with their family but also their soul. The true question do you think that the reason why the "Other Mother" really needs is to stay alive? I mean she does seem like a very ancient person. Is she really a human? That's where i feel that she is truly a witch. If you see the old stories over witches some usually seemed to live off children or even people. The reason for her being a witch is the fact in the beginning of the movie of Coraline is showed some weird looking tentacles which the "Other Mother" shows during the time she turns into her true form. She starts making a doll that throughtout the story leads her to the door that leads Coraline to her "Other Parents". Don't you think that's a little weird?

As you can see it seems for now the "Other Mother" seems like the corrupter but Susan says it also has to deal with a "parental alienation where other caretakers and parents are trying to be erased from the minds of the children in order for something else to take their place". If your parent seemed to not give you an attention of when you came home from school and needed help on something but they told you to go away because they too busy working? Wouldn't you say it's also the parents fault for the reason on why their kids feel like they need some type of love by their parents so they go to someone else for that. They start to fear that they won't have someone to say that loved them so they have to find someone to give them that affection. So that's why it was so easy for the "Other Mother" to take advantage of Coraline.

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