ways to keep healthy and fit!

ideas to get you started on keeping active


  • Keep healthy by eating lots of fruit; you could add dried fruit into your cereal or breakfast
  • Keep active, do whatever you can to stay up on your feet; you could walk or cycle to school or work
  • Drink, drink and drink! Make sure you stay hydrated; especially if you are exercising! You need up to two litres a day of water!
  • Have less salt and saturated fat; have less fizzy drinks and chocolates
  • Eat more food that have starch; such as pasta and potatoes
  • Have a portion of fish each week; oily fish are the best for you
  • Never skip a meal! all meals are just as important as each other
  • Try not to snack between meals; if you are hungry have an apple or a fruit that is high in natural sugar


What and Where?

  • Carbohydrates: Pasta, rice, bread, natural sugars and potatoes
  • Protein: Eggs, meat, fish, dairy, beans and pulses
  • Fat: Butter, dairy, margarine, oils and nuts
  • Vitamins (A,D,B&C): Fruit, vegetables, oils, dairy, egg yolk, orange vegetables & citrus fruits
  • Minerals: Dairy, dark green vegetables and dark chocolate
  • Water: Fruit and water based drinks
  • Fibre: Oats, starch, flour, corn, whole grain cereals and vegetables

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By Ella Goodall 8A